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Welcome to DADUN
Dadun is the open access institutional repository that collects, preserves and disseminates papers reflecting academic and scientific activity at the University of Navarra. Dadun is organized into seven major areas:
  • Academic Repository
  • Teaching Materials
  • Institutional Publications
  • General Archive
  • University of Navarra Journals and Serials
  • Special Collections
  • Doctoral Theses and Dissertations
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Recent Submissions
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>> Prospective randomized trial of enoxaparin, pentoxifylline and ursodeoxycholic acid for prevention of radiation-induced liver toxicity
>> Deregulation of DNA double-strand break repair in multiple myeloma: implications for genome stability
>> Relación documental Francisco Moreno Herrera
>> Could GLUT12 be a potential therapeutic target in cancer treatment? A preliminary report
>> Steam oxidation of ferritic steels : kinetics and microstructure
>> Análisis termodinámico de la descarburación de aceros
>> La producción televisiva: un sector en alza
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