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Welcome to DADUN
Dadun is the open access institutional repository that collects, preserves and disseminates papers reflecting academic and scientific activity at the University of Navarra. Dadun is organized into seven major areas:
  • Academic Repository
  • Teaching Materials
  • Institutional Publications
  • General Archive
  • University of Navarra Journals and Serials
  • Special Collections
  • Doctoral Theses and Dissertations
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Recent Submissions
>> Difusión de la investigación en redes sociales: ¿Cómo darle mayor visibilidad?
>> Tesis doctorales en acceso abierto: nuevo protocolo en la Universidad de Navarra
>> Decreased cardiotrophin-1 levels are associated with a lower risk of developing the metabolic syndrome in overweight/obese children after a weight loss program
>> Modulation of hyperglycemia and TNF[alfa]-mediated inflammation by helichrysum and grapefruit extracts in diabetic db/db mice
>> Cross-sectional assessment of nut consumption and obesity, metabolic syndrome and other cardiometabolic risk factors: the PREDIMED study
>> Association between sleeping hours and siesta and the risk of obesity: the SUN Mediterranean Cohort
>> Heme iron intake and risk of new-onset diabetes in a Mediterranean population at high risk of cardiovascular disease: an observational cohort analysis
>> Mediterranean dietary pattern and depression: the PREDIMED randomized trial
>> Effect of the Mediterranean diet on blood pressure in the PREDIMED trial: results from a randomized controlled trial
>> Association between dietary phylloquinone intake and peripheral metabolic risk markers related to insulin resistance and diabetes in elderly subjects at high cardiovascular risk