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2016Catabolism of raw and cooked green pepper (Capsicum annuum) (poly)phenolic compounds after simulated gastrointestinal digestion and fecal fermentation.ArticuloJuaniz, I. (Isabel); Cid, C. (Concepción); Peña, M.P. (María Paz) de, et al
2015Contribution of Phenolics and Maillard Reaction Products to the Antioxidant Capacity of Coffee BrewsTesisLudwig, I.A. (Iziar A.); Peña, M.P. (María Paz) de; Cid, C. (Concepción)
2014Contribution of volatile compounds to the antioxidant capacity of coffeeArticuloLudwig, I.A. (Iziar A.); Sanchez, L. (Lidia); Peña, M.P. (María Paz) de, et al
2013Effect of sugar addition (torrefacto) during roasting process on antioxidant capacity and phenolics of coffeeArticuloLudwig, I.A. (Iziar A.); Bravo, J. (Jimena); Peña, M.P. (María Paz) de, et al
2015EMBARGO 12 MESES ABRIL 2016 Assessment of total (free and bound) phenolic compounds in spent coffee extractsArticuloCid, C. (Concepción); Peña, M.P. (María Paz) de; Irigoyen, A. (Angel), et al
2012Extraction of coffee antioxidants: impact of brewing time and methodArticuloLudwig, I.A. (Iziar A.); Sanchez, L. (Lidia); Caemmerer, B. (Bettina), et al
2015In vitro studies on the stability in the proximal gastrointestinal tract and bioaccessibility in Caco-2 cells of chlorogenic acids from spent coffee groundsArticuloCrozier, A. (Alan); Cid, C. (Concepción); Peña, M.P. (María Paz) de, et al
2016Influence of heat treatment on antioxidant capacity and (poly)phenolic compounds of selected vegetablesArticuloJuaniz, I. (Isabel); Ludwig, I.A. (Iziar A.); Huarte, E. (Estibaliz), et al