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200711-[beta] Hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 2 expression in white adipose tissue is strongly correlated with adiposityArticuloMilagro-Yoldi, F.I. (Fermín Ignacio); Campión-Zabalza, J. (Javier); Martinez, J.A. (José Alfredo)
2010A 3-year Mediterranean-style dietary intervention may modulate the association between adiponectin gene variants and body weight changeArticuloRazquin, C. (Cristina); Martinez, J.A. (José Alfredo); Martinez-Gonzalez, M.A. (Miguel Ángel), et al
2014A decline in inflammation is associated with less depressive symptoms after a dietary intervention in metabolic syndrome patients: a longitudinal studyArticuloPerez-Cornago, A. (Aurora); Iglesia, R. (Rocío) de la; Lopez-Legarrea, P. (Patricia), et al
2011A distinct adipose tissue gene expression response to caloric restriction predicts 6-mo weight maintenance in obese subjectsArticuloMutch, D.M. (David M.); Pers, T.H. (T.H.); Temanni, M.R. (M. Ramzi), et al
2011A dual epigenomic approach for the search of obesity biomarkers: DNA methylation in relation to diet-induced weight lossArticuloMilagro-Yoldi, F.I. (Fermín Ignacio); Campión-Zabalza, J. (Javier); Cordero, P. (Paul), et al
2010A dysregulation in CES1, APOE and other lipid metabolism-related genes is associated to cardiovascular risk factors linked to obesityArticuloMarrades, M.P. (María Pilar); Gonzalez-Muniesa, P. (Pedro); Martinez, J.A. (José Alfredo), et al
2013A multicentre weight loss study using a low-calorie diet over 8 weeks: regional differences in efficacy across eight European citiesArticuloPapadaki, A. (Angeliki); Linardakis, M. (Manolis); Plada, M. (María), et al
2014A new dietary strategy for long-term treatment of the metabolic syndrome is compared with the American Heart Association (AHA) guidelines: the MEtabolic Syndrome REduction in NAvarra (RESMENA) projectArticuloIglesia, R. (Rocío) de la; Lopez-Legarrea, P. (Patricia); Abete, I. (Itziar), et al
2007A novel mutation Thr162Arg of the melanocortin 4 receptor gene in a Spanish children and adolescent populationArticuloOchoa, M.C. (María Carmen); Azcona-San-Julian, M.C. (María Cristina); Biebermann, H. (H.), et al
2003A novel nonsense mutation in the melanocortin-4 receptor associated with obesity in a Spanish populationArticuloMarti, A. (Amelia); Corbalan, M. (M.S.); Forga, L. (Luis), et al
2010A prospective study of eating away-from-home meals and weight gain in a Mediterranean population: the SUN (Seguimiento Universidad de Navarra) cohortArticuloBes-Rastrollo, M. (Maira); Basterra-Gortari, F.J. (Francisco Javier); Sanchez-Villegas, A. (Almudena), et al
2013A regular curd consumption improves gastrointestinal status assessed by a randomized controlled nutritional interventionArticuloNavas-Carretero, S. (Santiago); Abete, I. (Itziar); Cuervo, M. (Marta), et al
2007Acute calcium assimilation from fresh or pasteurized yoghurt depending on the lactose digestibility statusArticuloParra, M.D. (M.D.); Martinez-de-Morentin, B.E. (B.E.); Cobo, J.M. (J.M.), et al
8-feb-2017Adherence to Mediterranean diet is associated with methylation changes in inflammation-related genes in peripheral blood cellsArticuloArpon, A. (Ana); Riezu-Boj, J.I. (José Ignacio); Milagro-Yoldi, F.I. (Fermín Ignacio), et al
2007Adipose gene expression prior to weight loss can differentiate and weakly predict dietary respondersArticuloMutch, D.M. (David M.); Temanni, M.R. (M. Ramzi); Henegar, C. (Corneliu), et al
2010Adipose tissue transcriptome reflects variations between subjects with continued weight loss and subjects regaining weight 6 mo after caloric restriction independent of energy intakeArticuloMarquez-Quiñones, A. (A.); Mutch, D.M. (David M.); Debard, C. (C.), et al
2016Advances in Integrating Traditional and Omic Biomarkers When Analyzing the Effects of the Mediterranean Diet Intervention in Cardiovascular PreventionArticuloFito, M. (Montserrat); Melander, O. (Olle); Martinez, J.A. (José Alfredo), et al
2014La alimentación del adolescente: necesidad urgente de actuar de forma inmediataArticuloMarti, A. (Amelia); Martinez, J.A. (José Alfredo)
2011Allelic variants of melanocortin 3 receptor gene (MC3R) and weight loss in obesity: a randomised trial of hypo-energetic high- versus low-fat dietsArticuloSantos, J.L. (José Luis); Cruz, R. (R.) de la; Holst, C. (C.), et al
2015Analysis of dietary pattern impact on weight status for personalised nutrition through on-line advice: The food4Me Spanish cohortArticuloSan-Cristobal, R. (Rodrigo); Navas-Carretero, S. (Santiago); Celis-Morales, C. (Carlos), et al