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2006Additional Empirical Evidence on Real Convergence: A Fractionally Integrated Approach.ArticuloCuñado, J. (Juncal); Gil-Alana, L.A. (Luis A.); Pérez-de-Gracia, F. (Fernando)
2011Banks’ Net Interest Margin in the 2000s: A Macro-Accounting International PerspectiveArticuloLópez-Espinosa, G. (Germán); Moreno, A. (Antonio); Pérez-de-Gracia, F. (Fernando)
2006Changes in the Dynamic Behavior of Emerging Market Volatility: Revisiting the Effects of Financial Liberalization.ArticuloCuñado, J. (Juncal); Gómez-Biscarri, J. (Javier); Pérez-de-Gracia, F. (Fernando)
2005Exchange Rate Behavior and Exchange Rate Puzzles: Why the XVIII Century Might Help.ArticuloTorres-Sánchez, R. (Rafael); Gómez-Biscarri, J. (Javier); Pérez-de-Gracia, F. (Fernando)
2015Exploring the oil prices and exchange rates nexus in some African economiesArticuloPershin, V. (Vitaly); Molero, J.C. (Juan Carlos); Pérez-de-Gracia, F. (Fernando)
5-dic-2017Frequency and time frequency domain methods in the Oil market analysisTesisMonge, M. (Manuel); Gil-Alana, L.A. (Luis A.); Pérez-de-Gracia, F. (Fernando)
2004Is the US fiscal deficil sustainable? A fractionally integrated and cointegrated approach.ArticuloCuñado, J. (Juncal); Gil-Alana, L.A. (Luis A.); Pérez-de-Gracia, F. (Fernando)
2010Money Demand Accommodation: Impact on Macro-Dynamics and Policy Consequences.ArticuloGómez-Biscarri, J. (Javier); Moreno, A. (Antonio); Pérez-de-Gracia, F. (Fernando)
2016Oil price volatility and stock returns in the G7 economiesArticuloDíaz, E.M. (Elena María); Molero, J.C. (Juan Carlos); Pérez-de-Gracia, F. (Fernando)
2005Oil Prices, Economic Activity and Inflation: Evidence for Some Asian Countries.ArticuloCuñado, J. (Juncal); Pérez-de-Gracia, F. (Fernando)
2002Stock Market Cycles and Stock Market Development in Spain.ArticuloGómez-Biscarri, J. (Javier); Pérez-de-Gracia, F. (Fernando)
2003Stock Market Cycles, Financial Liberalization and Volatility.ArticuloEdwards, S. (Sebastian); Gómez-Biscarri, J. (Javier); Pérez-de-Gracia, F. (Fernando)
2004Structural Changes in Volatility and Stock Market Development: Evidence for Spain.ArticuloCuñado, J. (Juncal); Gómez-Biscarri, J. (Javier); Pérez-de-Gracia, F. (Fernando)
2011Time SeriesArticuloGil-Alana, L.A. (Luis A.); Moreno, A. (Antonio); Pérez-de-Gracia, F. (Fernando)