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2016Abnormal frontostriatal activity during unexpected reward receipt in depression and schizophrenia: relationship to anhedoniaArticuloSegarra, N. (Nuria); Metastasio, A. (Antonio); Ziauddeen, H. (Hisham), et al
2017Cortical and striatal reward processing in Parkinson's disease psychosisArticuloGarofalo, S. (Sara); Justicia, A. (Azucena); Arrondo, G. (Gonzalo), et al
2015Hedonic and disgust taste perception in borderline personality disorder and depressionArticuloArrondo, G. (Gonzalo); Murray, G.K. (Graham K.); Hill, E. (Emma), et al
2017I Jornada de experiencias del Programa de PsicologíaObjeto de conferenciaLuis, E.O. (Elkin O.); Arrondo, G. (Gonzalo); Magallon, S. (Sara)
2015Reduction in ventral striatal activity when anticipating a reward in depression and schizophrenia: a replicated cross-diagnostic findingArticuloArrondo, G. (Gonzalo); Segarra, N. (Nuria); Metastasio, A. (Antonio), et al
2017Risk of unintentional injuries in children and adolescents with ADHD and the impact of ADHD medications: protocol for a systematic review and meta-analysisArticuloRuiz-Goikoetxea, M. (Maite); Cortese, S. (Samuele); Aznarez-Sanado, M. (Maite), et al
2015Successful working memory processes and cerebellum in an elderly sample: A neuropsychological and fMRI studyArticuloLuis, E.O. (Elkin O.); Arrondo, G. (Gonzalo); Vidorreta, M. (Marta), et al
2011The neural substrate and functional integration of uncertainty in decision making: an information theory approachArticuloGoñi, J. (Joaquín); Aznarez-Sanado, M. (Maite); Arrondo, G. (Gonzalo), et al