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2012A Non-linear Approach with Long Range Dependence based on Chebyshev PolynomialsArticuloGil-Alana, L.A. (Luis A.); Cuestas, J. C. (Juan Carlos)
2009A note on the effectiveness of national anti-terrorist policies. Evidence from ETA.Documento de trabajoGil-Alana, L.A. (Luis A.); Barros, C.P. (Carlos P.)
2006Additional Empirical Evidence on Real Convergence: A Fractionally Integrated Approach.ArticuloCuñado, J. (Juncal); Gil-Alana, L.A. (Luis A.); Pérez-de-Gracia, F. (Fernando)
2011An Analysis of Oil Production by OPEC Countries: Persistence, Breaks, and OutliersArticuloPestana-Barros, C. (Carlos); Gil-Alana, L.A. (Luis A.); Payne, J.E. (James E.)
2005Deterministic Seasonality versus Seasonal Fractional Integration.ArticuloGil-Alana, L.A. (Luis A.)
2004Do spanish stock market prices follow a random walk?ArticuloPeña, J. (Javier) de; Gil-Alana, L.A. (Luis A.)
2010Does energy consumption by the US electric power secto exhibit long memory behaviour?Documento de trabajoGil-Alana, L.A. (Luis A.); Payne, J. (James); Loomis, D. (David)
14-nov-2017Essays in Development Economics: On Civil Conflict in NigeriaTesisNwokolo, A.M. (Arinze Michael); Gil-Alana, L.A. (Luis A.)
2004Fractional Integration and Business Cycles Features.ArticuloGil-Alana, L.A. (Luis A.); Candelon, B. (Bertrand)
2012Fractional Integration and Cointegration in US Financial Time Series DataArticuloCaporale, G.M. (Guglielmo M.); Gil-Alana, L.A. (Luis A.)
2010Fractional integration and data frequency.ArticuloGil-Alana, L.A. (Luis A.); Caporale, G.M. (Guglielmo M.)
2008Fractional integration and structural breaks at unknown periods of time.ArticuloGil-Alana, L.A. (Luis A.)
2009Fractional Integration and Structural Breaks in U.S. Macro Dynamics.Documento de trabajoGil-Alana, L.A. (Luis A.); Moreno, A. (Antonio)
2003Fractional Integration and the Dynamics of UK Unemployment.ArticuloBrian-Henry, S.G. (S.G.); Gil-Alana, L.A. (Luis A.)
5-dic-2017Frequency and time frequency domain methods in the Oil market analysisTesisMonge, M. (Manuel); Gil-Alana, L.A. (Luis A.); Pérez-de-Gracia, F. (Fernando)
2009Further evidence on the PPP analysis of the Australian dollar. Non-linearities, fractional integration and structural change.Documento de trabajoGil-Alana, L.A. (Luis A.); Cuesta, J.C. (Juan C.)
2011Housing Sales in Urban BeijingArticuloPestana-Barros, C. (Carlos); Gil-Alana, L.A. (Luis A.); Chen, Z. (Zhongfei)
2004Is the US fiscal deficil sustainable? A fractionally integrated and cointegrated approach.ArticuloCuñado, J. (Juncal); Gil-Alana, L.A. (Luis A.); Pérez-de-Gracia, F. (Fernando)
2011Long Memory and Fractional Integration in High-Frequency British Pound / Dollar Spot Exchange RatesArticuloCaporale, G.M. (Guglielmo M.); Gil-Alana, L.A. (Luis A.)
2011Long Memory and Volatility Dynamics in the US Dollar Exchange RateArticuloCaporale, G.M. (Guglielmo M.); Gil-Alana, L.A. (Luis A.)