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EUELC project: a multi-centre, multipurpose study to investigate early stage NSCLC, and to establish a biobank for ongoing collaboration. European Respiratory
Authors: Field, J.K. (J. K.)
Liloglou, T. (Triantafillos)
Niaz, A. (A.)
Bryan, J. (J.)
Gosney, J.R. (J. R.)
Giles, T. (T.)
Brambilla, C. (C.)
Brambilla, E. (E.)
Vesin, A. (Aurelien)
Timsit, J.F. (J.F.)
Hainaut, P. (P.)
Martinet, Y. (Y.)
Vignaud, J.M. (J.M.)
Thunnissen, F.B. (Frederick B.)
Prinsen, C. (C.)
Snijders, P.J. (P.J.)
Smit, E.F. (E.F.)
Sozzi, G. (Gabriella)
Roz, L. (Luca)
Risch, A. (A.)
Becker, H. (H.D.)
Elborn, J. (J.S.)
Magee, N.D. (N.D.)
Montuenga, L.M. (Luis M.)
Pajares, M.J. (María José)
Lozano, M.D. (María Dolores)
O'Byrne, K.J. (K.J.)
Harrison, D.J. (D. J.)
Niklinski, J. (J.)
Cassidy, A. (A.)
Keywords: Biobank
Case control
European Early Lung Cancer
Genetic alterations
Nonsmall cell lung cancer
Issue Date: 15-May-2009
Publisher: European Respiratory Society
Publisher version:
ISSN: 0903-1936
Citation: Field JK, Liloglou T, Niaz A, Bryan J, Gosney JR, Giles T, et al. EUELC project: a multi-centre, multipurpose study to investigate early stage NSCLC, and to establish a biobank for ongoing collaboration. Eur Respir J 2009 Dec;34(6):1477-1486.
The European Early Lung Cancer (EUELC) project aims to determine if specific genetic alterations occurring in lung carcinogenesis are detectable in the respiratory epithelium. In order to pursue this objective, nonsmall cell lung cancer (NSCLC) patients with a very high risk of developing progressive lung cancer were recruited from 12 centres in eight European countries: France, Germany, southern Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain and the UK. In addition, NSCLC patients were followed up every 6 months for 36 months. A European Bronchial Tissue Bank was set up at the University of Liverpool (Liverpool, UK) to optimise the use of biological specimens. The molecular–pathological investigations were subdivided into specific work packages that were delivered by EUELC Partners. The work packages encompassed mutational analysis, genetic instability, methylation profiling, expression profiling utilising immunohistochemistry and chip-based technologies, as well as in-depth analysis of FHIT and RARb genes, the telomerase catalytic subunit hTERT and genotyping of susceptibility genes in specific pathways. The EUELC project engendered a tremendous collaborative effort, and it enabled the EUELC Partners to establish protocols for assessing molecular biomarkers in early lung cancer with the view to using such biomarkers for early diagnosis and as intermediate end-points in future chemopreventive programmes.
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