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19-Jun-2012Infectivity of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in naturally regenerating, unmanaged and clear-cut beech forestsArticuloClosa, I. (Iván); Goicoechea, N. (Nieves)
19-Jun-2012Water use efficiency, transpiration and net CO2 exchange of four alfalfa genotypes submitted to progressive drought and subsequent recovery.ArticuloErice, G. (Gorka); Louahlia, S. (Saïd); Irigoyen, J.J. (Juan Jose); Sanchez-Diaz, M. (Manuel); Alami, I.T. (I. Thami); Avice, J.C. (Jean-Christophe)
19-Jun-2012Photosynthesis, N2 fixation and taproot reserves during the cutting regrowth cycle of alfalfa under elevated CO2 and temperatureArticuloErice, G. (Gorka); Sanz-Saez, A. (Álvaro); Aranjuelo, I. (Iker); Irigoyen, J.J. (Juan Jose); Aguirreolea, J. (Jone); Avice, J.C. (Jean-Christophe); Sanchez-Diaz, M. (Manuel)
19-Jun-2012Improvement of nutritional quality of greenhouse-grown lettuce by arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi is conditioned by the source of phosphorus nutritionArticuloBaslam, M. (Marouane); Pascual-Elizalde, I. (Inmaculada); Sanchez-Diaz, M. (Manuel); Erro-Garces, J. (Javier); García-Mina, J.M. (José María); Goicoechea, N. (Nieves)
19-Jun-2012Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) improved growth and nutritional quality of greenhouse-grown lettuce.ArticuloBaslam, M. (Marouane); Garmendia, I. (Idoia); Goicoechea, N. (Nieves)
19-Jun-2012Growth and development of pepper are affected by humic substances derived from composted sludgeArticuloAzcona, I. (Iñaki); Pascual-Elizalde, I. (Inmaculada); Aguirreolea, J. (Jone); Fuentes-Ramirez, M. (Marta); García-Mina, J.M. (José María); Sanchez-Diaz, M. (Manuel)
18-Jun-2012Climate change (elevated CO2, elevated temperature and moderate drought) triggers the antioxidant enzymes´response of grapevine cv. Tempranillo, avoiding oxidative damageArticuloSalazar-Parra, C. (Carolina); Aguirreolea, J. (Jone); Sanchez-Diaz, M. (Manuel); Irigoyen, J.J. (Juan Jose); Morales, F. (Fermin)
18-Jun-2012Effects of nitrogen source and water availability on stem carbohydrates and cellulosic bioethanol traits of alfalfa plantsArticuloFiasconaro, M.L. (M. Laura); Gogorcena, Y. (Yolanda); Muñoz, F. (Fernando); Andueza, D. (Donato); Sanchez-Diaz, M. (Manuel); Antolin-Bellver, M.C. (M. Carmen)
18-Jun-2012Water deficit improved the capacity of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) for inducing the accumulation of antioxidant compounds in lettuce leaves.ArticuloBaslam, M. (Marouane); Goicoechea, N. (Nieves)
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 29 of 29