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Función pastoral y separación de cónyuges
Authors: Diego-Lora, C. (Carmelo) de
Keywords: Materias Investigacion::Teología y Ciencias religiosas::Pastoral y catequesis
Separación matrimonial
Materias Investigacion::Derecho canónico
Issue Date: 1973
Publisher: Servicio de Publicaciones de la Universidad de Navarra
ISSN: 0021-325X
Citation: IUS CANONICUM, XIII, N.II, 1973, pág. 259-286
Summarium Pastoralis muneris pro canonico processu exercitatio elucet S. S. Pauli VI ad S. R. R. membra allocutione (8-11-1973). Consentionis desiderium atque concordiae, quod vel litem fugit vel iam inceptam desinit, totam canonicam processalem actuositatem amplectitur, sed quam maxime eminet in causis conjugum separationis. Si vero ius separationis intellegimus ius ad suspensionem ab eo quod in iuridica relatione matrimoniali continetur, semper quidem venia in actu exercitationis revocabile, via ad eam obtinendam aptissima non est ratio judicialis. Praeferenda autem est separatio conventionalis cui nihil obstabit in canonica ordinatione si causis canonum 1129 et 1131 adaptetur. Decretum auctoritate Ordinarii loci agnoscens deserviret ad inspiciendam et sanciendam conventionem, fidem praebens quod nihil obstat nec legi nec publico ordini canonicis. Adhuc vigenti in Hispania Concordato anni 1953, illud decretum videtur editurum esse plenos eHectus civiles, variis argumentis fulcientibus hanc positionem. Postulatur quod in Hispania desseratur praxim exsistentem qua solum judicialiter agitur de coniugali separatione, pluribus argumentis adhibitis, natura iuris separationis praeter rationes indolis pastoralis innixis, pro actione administrativa atque decreto Ordinarii loci auctoritate. Postremo, pro possibilibus solutionibus futuris de iure concordatario, conservationem dicit Ecclesiae oHicii in conjugali separatione (procul studio id traducendi in civilem auctoritatem) caven s ne matrimonii canonici ii' facto esse quod Ecclesiae ipsae magni refert ab eius actione pastorali amoveatur. ------------------------------------------ Abstract Pope Paul VI in an address to the members of the SRR (8-1>1-73) emphasized the exercise of the pastoral function in relation to canonic process. The desire of concordance and coherence, which avoids conflict or puts an end to that which has begun, embraces the whole canonic process ... but is most evident in cases of conjugal separation. Understanding the ius separatiools as a right to suspend the content of the juridical matrimonial relation -always revocable by forgivenessthe juridical method is not the most indicated way of obtaining it. A convened separation is preferible, which would not ofter problems according to canonic ordenance if it followed the conditions of cc. 1129 and 1131. The homologous decree by authority of the local Ordinary would serve to control and sanction the agreement, guaranteeing that no part of it would oppose the law or public order, canonically speaking. The Concordato of 1953 still being in effect in Spain, such a decree would have to entail full civil effects, an idea which is backed up by the author with several arguments. Basically, what is postulated is to abando n in Spain the current praxis of dealing only juridically with the separation of spouses - for which a series of reasons are given based on the nature of the ius separationis, apart from pastoral considerations. This juridical separation then would be more focused as an administrative action and decision auctorltate Ordinarii loci. Finally, thinking of possible future solutions in Concrodato law, the author argues for keeping the Church's competence over the separation of spouses, as agaisnt the tendency to pass it over tO State control, so that a question as important to her as the destiny of a canonical matrimony in tacto esse would not be separated from her pastoral action.
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