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2019Nonergodicity in silo unclogging: broken and unbroken archesArticuloGarcimartín-Montero, Á. (Ángel); Zuriguel-Ballaz, I. (Iker); Chakraborty, B. (B.), et al
2019Extended bidomain modeling of defibrillation: quantifying virtual electrode strengths in fibrotic myocardiumArticuloBragard, J. (Jean); Sankarankutty, A.C. (Aparna C.); Sachse, F.B. (Frank B.)
2019A glossary for research on human crowd dynamicsArticuloAdrian, J. (Juliane); Amos, M. (Martyn); Baratchi, M. (Mitra), et al
2019Effect of hopper angle on granular cloggingArticuloLópez-Rodríguez, D. (Diego); Gella, D. (Diego); To, K. (Kiwing), et al
2019Experimental lateral wall boundary layer behavior of a differentially rotating split-cylinder flowArticuloRodríguez-García, J.O. (Jesús Óscar); Burguete, J. (J.)
2018Redefining the role of obstacles in pedestrian evacuationArticuloGarcimartín-Montero, Á. (Ángel); Maza-Ozcoidi, D. (Diego); Pastor-Gutierrez, J.M. (José Martín), et al
2018Rheological response of nonspherical granular flows down an inclineArticuloCruz-Hidalgo, R. (Raúl); Szabó, B. (B.); Gillemot, K. (K.), et al
2018Rheological behavior of colloidal suspension with long-range interactionsArticuloArietaleaniz-Coranti, S. (Sara); Malgaretti, P. (P.); Pagonabarraga, I. (Ignacio), et al
2017Influence of particle size in silo dischargeCapitulo de libroGella, D. (Diego); Maza-Ozcoidi, D. (Diego); Zuriguel-Ballaz, I. (Iker)
2018Modeling of anisotropic properties of double quantum rings by the terahertz laser fieldArticuloBaghramyan, H.M. (Henrikh M.); Barseghyan, M.G. (Manuk G.); Kirakosyan, A.A. (Albert A.), et al
2018Trap model for clogging and unclogging in granular hopper flowsArticuloNicolas, A. (Alexandre); Garcimartín-Montero, Á. (Ángel); Zuriguel-Ballaz, I. (Iker)
2018Slow relaxation dynamics of clogs in a vibrated granular siloArticuloGuerrero-Borges, B. V. (Bruno Valdemar); Pugnaloni, L.A. (Luis A.); Lozano, C. (Carmen), et al
2018Active particles with desired orientation fowing through a bottleneckArticuloParisi, D.R. (D. R.); Zuriguel-Ballaz, I. (Iker); Cruz-Hidalgo, R. (Raúl)
2017Clogging transition of vibration-driven vehicles passing through constrictionsArticuloPatterson, G.A. (G. A.); Fierens, P.I. (P. I.); Sangiuliano-Jimka, F. (F.), et al
2018Flow of colloidal suspensions through small orificesArticuloCruz-Hidalgo, R. (Raúl); Goñi-Arana, A. (Ane); Hernández-Puerta, A., et al
2005Role of fluctuation-induced interactions in the axial segregation of granular materialsArticuloZuriguel-Ballaz, I. (Iker); Boudet, J.F. (Jean-Français); Amarouchen, Y. (Yacine), et al
2017Linking bottleneck clogging with flow kinematics in granular materials: the role of silo widthArticuloGella, D. (Diego); Maza-Ozcoidi, D. (Diego); Zuriguel-Ballaz, I. (Iker), et al
2017Pedestrian collective motion in competitive room evacuationArticuloGarcimartín-Montero, Á. (Ángel); Pastor-Gutierrez, J.M. (José Martín); Martín-Gómez, C. (César), et al
2017Simulating competitive egress of noncircular pedestriansArticuloCruz-Hidalgo, R. (Raúl); Parisi, D.R. (D. R.); Zuriguel-Ballaz, I. (Iker)
2017Role of particle size in the kinematic properties of silo flowArticuloGella, D. (Diego); Maza-Ozcoidi, D. (Diego); Zuriguel-Ballaz, I. (Iker)
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 234