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Conversación, diálogo y lenguaje en el pensamiento de Hans-Georg Gadamer
Authors: Fernández-Labastida, F. (Francisco)
Keywords: Heidegger, Martin
Analítica de la existencia
Gadamer, Hans-Georg
Deconstrucción de la metafísica
Issue Date: 2006
ISSN: 0066-5215
Citation: Anuario Filosófico, 2006 (39), 55-76
To cope with the intersubjective and communicative deficiencies of Heidegger's Analytics of Existence, Hans-Georg Gadamer developed a theory of language whose nature is at one time phenomenological and ontological. Inspired by Plato's dialectics and Aristotle's ethical and rhetorical works, Gadamer sees human linguistic capabilities as the defining trait of all that is human. Language lives in conversation, dialogically structuring all social and cultural relations. Language is the ambit in which human beings and their historical world take place. In Gadamer's thought, logos replaces being as the ontological support. In such a way, Gadamer's hermeneutical philosophy seeks to fill the void opened by the 20th century deconstruction of metaphysics.
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