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Convective instabilities in two superposed horizontal liquid layers heated laterally
Autor(es) : Madruga, S. (Santiago)
Perez-Garcia, C. (C.)
Lebon, G. (G.)
Fecha incorporación: 2003
Cita: S. Madruga, C. Pérez-García and G. Lebon. "Convective instabilities in two superposed horizontal liquid layers heated laterally". Phys. Rev. E.68. 041607, (2003).
This work is devoted to the theoretical study of the stability of two superposed horizontal liquid layers bounded by two solid planes and subjected to a horizontal temperature gradient. The liquids are supposed to immiscible with a nondeformable interface. The forces acting on the system are buoyancy and interfacial tension. Four different flow patterns and temperature profiles are found for the basic state. A linear perturbative analysis with respect to two- and three-dimensional perturbations reveals the existence of three kinds patterns. Depending on the relative height of both liquids several situations are predicted: either wave propagation from cold to the hot regions, or waves propagating in the opposite direction or still stationary longitudinal rolls. The behavior of three different pairs of liquids which have been used in experiments on bilayers under vertical gradient by other authors have been examined. The instability mechanisms are discussed and qualitative interpretation of the different behaviors exhibited by the system is provided. In some configurations it is possible to find a codimension-two point created by the interaction of two Hopf modes with different frequencies and wave numbers. These results suggest to consider two liquid layers as an interesting prototype for the study of propagation and interaction of waves in the context of the Be´nard-Marangoni problem.
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