Collective Phase Locked States in a Chain of Coupled Chaotic Oscillators
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D.L. Valladares, S. Boccaletti, F. Feudel and J. Kurths “Collective Phase Locked States in a Chain of Coupled Chaotic Oscillators”, Phys. Rev. E 65, 055208, (R)(2002).
We discuss the emergence of a collective phase locked state in an open chain of N unidirectionally weakly coupled nonidentical chaotic oscillators. Such a regime is characterized by a Lyapunov spectrum where N21 exponents that were zero in the uncoupled regime assume negative values as the coupling strength increases. The dynamics of such collective state is studied, and a comparison is drawn with the case of phase synchronization of a pair of coupled chaotic oscillators. In particular, it is shown that a full phase synchronized state cannot be constructed without at least partial correlation in the chaotic amplitudes.

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