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2019Evaluation of skin permeation and retention of topical dapsone in murine cutaneous leishmaniasis lesionsArticuloEspuelas, S. (Socorro); Irache, J.M. (Juan Manuel); Sanmartin-Grijalba, C. (Carmen), et al
2019A simple and a reliable method to quantify antioxidant activity in vitroArticuloVizmanos-Pérez, J.L. (José Luis); Calvo, M.I. (María Isabel); Torre, M.P. (María Pilar) de, et al
2016Bioaccessibility of rutin, caffeic acid and rosmarinic acid: influence of the in vitro gastrointestinal digestion modelsArticuloGayoso, L. (Lucía); Claerbout, A.S. (An-Sophie); Calvo, M.I. (María Isabel), et al
2016A simple approach to obtain hybrid Au-loaded polymeric nanoparticles with a tunable metal loadArticuloLuque-Michel, E. (Edurne); Larrea, A. (Ane); Lahuerta, C. (Celia), et al
2016Catheter-based intramyocardial injection of FGF1 or NRG1-loaded MPs improves cardiac function in a preclinical model of ischemia-reperfusionArticuloGarbayo, E. (Elisa); Gavira, J.J. (Juan José); Garcia-de-Yebenes, M. (Manuel), et al
2015Zein based-nanoparticles improve the oral bioavailability of resveratrol and its anti-inflammatory effects in a mouse model of endotoxic shockArticuloPeñalva, R. (Rebeca); Esparza, I. (Irene); Larrañeta, E. (Eneko), et al
2014Casein nanoparticles as carriers for the oral delivery of folic acidArticuloPeñalva, R. (Rebeca); Esparza, I. (Irene); Agüeros, M. (Maite), et al
2015Assesment of β-lapachone loaded in lecithin-chitosan nanoparticles for the topical treatment of cutaneous leishmaniasis in L. major infected BALB/c miceArticuloEspuelas, S. (Socorro); Irache, J.M. (Juan Manuel); Sanmartin-Grijalba, C. (Carmen), et al
2015Brain aging and Parkinson's disease: new therapeutic approaches using drugs delivery systemsArticuloBlanco-Prieto, M.J. (María José); Luquin, M.R. (María Rosario); Carmona-Abellan, M. (M.), et al
2015Polymeric electrospun scaffolds: neuregulin encapsulation and biocompatibility studies in a model of myocardial ischemiaArticuloSimon-Yarza, T. (Teresa); Rossi, A. (Ángela); Heffels K.H. (Karl‐Heinz), K.H. (Karl‐Heinz), et al
2015Study of thermal degradation of PLGA, PLGA nanospheres and PLGA/Maghemite superparamagnetic nanospheresArticuloFernandes-Silva, M. (Marcela); Winkler-Hechenleitner, A.A. (Ana Adelina); Irache, J.M. (Juan Manuel), et al
2015Lipid nanoparticles for cyclosporine A administration: development, characterization, and in vitro evaluation of their immunosuppression activityArticuloGuada, M. (Melissa); Sebastian, V. (Víctor); Irusta, S. (Silvia), et al
2014A review of mixed-effects models of tumor growth and effects of anticancer drug treatment used in population analysisArticuloFriberg, L.E. (L.E.); Kloft, C. (C.); Elishmereni, M. (M.), et al
2013Vascular endothelial growth factor-loaded injectable hydrogel enhances plasticity in the injured spinal cordArticuloPreat, V. (Veronique); Clotman, F. (Frederic); Bailly, Ch. (Christian), et al
2015Cetuximab-oxaliplatin-liposomes for epidermal growth factor receptor targeted chemotherapy of colorectal cancerArticuloZalba, S. (Sara); Contreras, A.M. (Ana M.); Haeri, A. (Azadeh), et al
2015Heart regeneration after miocardial infarction using synthetic biomaterialsArticuloPascual-Gil, S. (Simón); Garbayo, E. (Elisa); Diaz-Herraez, P. (Paula), et al
2014Co-encapsulated CpG oligodeoxynucleotides and ovalbumin in PLGA microparticles; an in vitro and in vivo studyArticuloSan-Roman, B. (Beatriz); Gomez, S. (Sara); Irache, J.M. (Juan Manuel), et al
2014Diagnostic and therapeutic uses of nanomaterials in the brainArticuloGarbayo, E. (Elisa); Estella-Hermoso-de-Mendoza, A. (Ander); Blanco-Prieto, M.J. (María José)
2013Biodegradation and heart retention of polymeric microparticles in a rat model of myocardial ischemiaArticuloFormiga, F.R. (Fabio R.); Garbayo, E. (Elisa); Diaz-Herraez, P. (Paula), et al
2014Pharmacokinetics and antitumor efficacy of paclitaxel-cyclodextrin complexes loaded in mucus-penetrating nanoparticles for oral administrationArticuloCalleja, P. (Patricia); Espuelas, S. (Socorro); Corrales, L. (Leticia), et al
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 144