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2010Aflatoxin levels and exposure assessment of Spanish infant cerealsArticuloNavarro-Blasco, I. (Iñigo); Hernandez-Martinez, R. (Raquel)
2005Ingestión de aluminio en lactantes alimentados con fórmulas infantilesArticuloNavarro-Blasco, I. (Iñigo); Alvarez-Galindo, J. I. (José Ignacio); Villa-Elizaga, I. (Ignacio)
2004Selenium Content of Spanish Infant Formulae and Human Milk: Influence of Protein Matrix, Interactions with Other Trace Elements and Estimation of Dietary Intake by InfantsArticuloNavarro-Blasco, I. (Iñigo); Alvarez-Galindo, J. I. (José Ignacio)
2013Survey of total mercury and arsenic content in infant cereals marketed in Spain and estimated dietary intake.ArticuloNavarro-Blasco, I. (Iñigo); Hernandez-Martinez, R. (Raquel)
Jul-2012Estimation of dietary intake and content of lead and cadmium in infant cereals marketed in SpainArticuloHernandez-Martinez, R. (Raquel); Navarro-Blasco, I. (Iñigo)
2009Optimization of a Slurry Dispersion Method for Minerals and Trace Elements Analysis in Infant Formulae by ICP OES and FAASArticuloNavarro-Blasco, I. (Iñigo); Sola-Larrañaga, C. (Cristina)
15-Sep-2017Atmospheric NOx removal: study of cement mortars with iron- and vanadium-doped TiO2 as visible light–sensitive photocatalystsArticuloPerez-Nicolas, M. (María); Navarro-Blasco, I. (Iñigo); Fernandez-Alvarez, J.M. (José María), et al
2014In-vitro release from reverse poloxamine/α-cyclodextrin matrices. Modelling and comparison of dissolution profilesArticuloIsasi-Allica, J. R. (Jose Ramon); Machin, R. (Rubén); Zornoza, A. (Arantza), et al
2014Non-covalent hydrogels of cyclodextrins and poloxamines for the controlled release of proteinsArticuloLarrañeta, E. (Eneko); Isasi-Allica, J. R. (Jose Ramon)
2013Phase behavior of reverse poloxamers and poloxamines in waterArticuloIsasi-Allica, J. R. (Jose Ramon); Larrañeta, E. (Eneko)
2012Self-assembled supramolecular gels of reverse poloxamers and cyclodextrinsArticuloIsasi-Allica, J. R. (Jose Ramon); Larrañeta, E. (Eneko)
1-Apr-2016Study on the effectiveness of PNS and LS superplasticizers in air lime-based mortarsArticuloPerez-Nicolas, M. (María); Duran-Benito, A. (Adrian); Navarro-Blasco, I. (Iñigo), et al
22-Dec-2015Study of the early hydration of calcium aluminates in the presence of different metallic saltsArticuloDuran-Benito, A. (Adrian); Sirera-Bejarano, R. (Rafael); Perez-Nicolas, M. (María), et al
15-Aug-2015A safer disposal of hazardous phosphate coating sludge by formation of an amorphous calcium phosphate matrixArticuloAlvarez-Galindo, J. I. (José Ignacio); Sirera-Bejarano, R. (Rafael); Fernandez-Alvarez, J.M. (José María), et al
2012A lyophilized water extract of melissa officinalis L. as an effective natural antioxidant during the storage of dry fermented sausages high in alpha-linolenic acid and DHAArticuloGarcia-Iñiguez-de-Ciriano, M. (Mikel); Larequi, E. (Eduardo); Berasategi, I. (Izaskun), et al
2014Release of beta-galactosidase from poloxamine/alfa-cyclodextrin hydrogelsArticuloEstevez, C.A. (César A.); Isasi-Allica, J. R. (Jose Ramon); Larrañeta, E. (Eneko), et al
22-Jan-2015Photocatalytic NOx abatement by calcium aluminate cements modified with TiO2: improved NO2 conversionArticuloAlvarez-Galindo, J. I. (José Ignacio); Fernandez-Alvarez, J.M. (José María); Navarro-Blasco, I. (Iñigo), et al
2014A UV-absorber bismuth(III)-N-methyldiethanolamine complex as a low-temperature precursor for bismuth-based oxide thin filmsArticuloPérez-Mezcua, M.D. (María Dulce); Sirera-Bejarano, R. (Rafael); Jiménez, R. (Ricardo), et al
2014Healthy reduced-fat bologna sausages enriched in ALA and DHA and stabilized with Melissa officinalis extractArticuloBerasategi, I. (Izaskun); Navarro-Blasco, I. (Iñigo); Calvo, M.I. (María Isabel), et al
30-Dec-2014Assessment of the interaction of polycarboxylate superplasticizers in hydrated lime pastes modified with nanosilica or metakaolin as pozzolanic reactivesArticuloAlvarez-Galindo, J. I. (José Ignacio); Sirera-Bejarano, R. (Rafael); Duran-Benito, A. (Adrian), et al
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 103