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Issue DateTitleTypeAuthor(s)
2009New 1-aryl-3-substituted propanol derivatives as antimalarial agentsArticuloPérez-Silanes, S. (Silvia); Berrade, L. (Luis); Garcia–Sanchez, R.N. (Rory N.), et al
2009Heterocyclic-2-carboxylic acid (3-cyano-1,4-di-N-oxidequinoxalin-2-yl)amide derivatives as hits for the development of neglected disease drugs.ArticuloAncizu, S. (Saioa); Moreno-Viguri, E. (Elsa); Torres, E. (Enrique), et al
2008Unexpected reduction of ethyl 3-phenylquinoxaline-2- carboxylate 1,4-di-N-oxide derivatives by amines.ArticuloLima, L.M. (Lidia M.); Vicente, E. (Esther); Solano, B. (Beatriz), et al
2008Synthesis and antiplasmodial activity of 3-furyl and 3-thienylquinoxaline-2-carbonitrile 1,4-di-N-oxide derivativesArticuloVicente, E. (Esther); Charnaud, S. (Sarah); Bongard, E. (Emily), et al
2008Substitutions of fluorine atoms and phenoxy groups in the synthesis of quinoxaline 1,4-di-N-oxide derivatives.ArticuloVicente, E. (Esther); Villar, R. (Raquel); Burguete, A. (Asunción), et al
2012Novel sulfonylurea derivatives as H3 receptor antagonists. Preliminary SAR studiesArticuloCeras, J. (Javier); Cirauqui, N. (Nuria); Pérez-Silanes, S. (Silvia), et al
13-Sep-2011Studies on LogP o/w of Quinoxaline di-N-osides: a comparison of RP-HPLC experimental and predictive approachesArticuloMoreno-Viguri, E. (Elsa); Gabano, E. (Elisabetta); Platts, J.A. (James A.), et al
2011New 1,4-di-N-oxide-quinoxaline-2-ylmethylene isonicotinic acid hydrazide derivatives as anti-Mycobacterieum tuberculosis agentsArticuloTorres, E. (Enrique); Moreno-Viguri, E. (Elsa); Ancizu, S. (Saioa), et al
20111,4-Di-N-oxide quinoxaline-2-carboxamide: Cyclic voltammetry and relationship between electrochemical behavior, structure and anti-tuberculosis activityArticuloMoreno-Viguri, E. (Elsa); Pérez-Silanes, S. (Silvia); Gouravaram, S. (S.), et al
2011Aryl piperazine and pyrrolidine as antimalarial agents. Synthesis and investigation of structure-activity relationshipsArticuloMendoza, A. (Adela); Pérez-Silanes, S. (Silvia); Quiliano, M. (Miguel), et al
2011Quinoxaline 1,4-di-N-oxide and the Potential for Treating TuberculosisArticuloVicente, E. (Esther); Villar, R. (Raquel); Pérez-Silanes, S. (Silvia), et al
2011Novel Benzo[b]thiophene Derivatives as New Potential Antidepressants with Rapid Onset of ActionArticuloBerrade, L. (Luis); Aisa, B. (Bárbara); Ramirez, M.J. (María Javier), et al
20113-Trifluoromethylquinoxaline N,N’-Dioxides as Anti-trypanosomatid Agents. Identification of Optimal Anti-T. cruzi Derivatives and Mechanism of Action StudiesArticuloBenitez, D. (Diego); Cabrera, M. (M.); Hernández, P. (Paola), et al
2011Synthesis and biological evaluation of new quinoxaline derivatives as antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agentsArticuloBurguete, A. (Asunción); Pontiki, E. (Eleni); Hadjipavlou-Litina, D. (Dimitra), et al
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 34 of 34