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Student's evaluations of University Instructors: The applicability of American Surveys in a Spanish Setting
Authors: Tourón, J. (Javier)
Marsh, H.W. (Herbert W.)
Wheeler, B. (Barbara)
Keywords: Materias Investigacion::Educación
Issue Date: 1985
ISSN: 0742-051X
Citation: Marsh, H. W.; Tourón, J. y Wheeler, B. (1985). "Student's evaluations of University Instructors: The applicability of American Surveys in a Spanish Setting". Teaching and Teacher Education, 1(2), 123-138
Items from two American instruments designed to measure students' evaluations of teaching effectiveness were translated into Spanish and administered to a sample of Spanish university students. Most of the items were judged by the students to be appropriate, every item was chosen by at least a few as being a most important item, and all but the orkload/Difficulty items clearly differentiated between lecturers whom students indicated to be "good," "average," and "poor." A series of factor analyses clearly identified the factors that the instruments were designed to measure and that have been identified in previous research. Finally, a multitrait-multimethod analysis demonstrated that there was good agreement between factors from the two instruments which were hypothesized to measure the same components of effective teaching, and provided support for both the convergent and discriminant validity of the ratings. The findings illustrate the feasibility of evaluating effective teaching in a Spanish university and the appropriateness of the two American instruments.
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