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2019Trabecular bone score in active or former smokers with and without COPDArticuloGonzález, J. (Jessica); Rodriguez-Fraile, M. (Macarena); Rivera, P. (Pilar), et al
2016Increased obesity-associated circulating levels of the extracellular matrix proteins Osteopontin, Chitinase-3 Like-1 and Tenascin C are associated with colon cancerArticuloCatalan, V. (Victoria); Gomez-Ambrosi, J. (Javier); Rodriguez, A. (Amaia), et al
2014Association of irisin with fat mass, resting energy expenditure, and daily activity in conditions of extreme body mass indexArticuloPardo, M. (M.); Crujeiras, A.B. (Ana B.); Amil, M. (María), et al
2014Moderate-vigorous physical activity across body mass index in females: moderating effect of endocannabinoids and temperamentArticuloFernandez-Aranda, F. (Fernando); Sauchelli, S. (Sarah); Pastor, A. (Antoni), et al
Feb-2012The L-[alpha]-lysophosphatidylinositol/GPR55 system and its potential role in human obesityArticuloMoreno-Navarrete, J. (José); Catalan, V. (Victoria); Whyte, L. (Lauren), et al
Oct-2012Increased tenascin C and Toll-like receptor 4 levels in visceral adipose tissue as a link between inflammation and extracellular matrix remodeling in obesityArticuloCatalan, V. (Victoria); Gomez-Ambrosi, J. (Javier); Rodriguez, A. (Amaia), et al
2013Obstructive sleep apnea severity is associated with left ventricular mass independent of other cardiovascular risk factors in morbid obesityArticuloPujante, P. (P.); Abreu, C. (Cristina); Moreno, J. (José), et al
2009Leptin administration favors muscle mass accretion by decreasing FoxO3a and increasing PGC-1alpha in ob/ob miceArticuloSainz, N. (Neira); Rodriguez, A. (Amaia); Catalan, V. (Victoria), et al
19-Jun-2013Modulation of the endocannabinoids N-arachidonoylethanolamine (AEA) and 2-arachidonoylglycerol (2-AG) on executive functions in humansArticuloFagundo, A.B. (Ana B.); Torre, R. (Rafael) de la; Jimenez-Murcia, S. (Susana), et al
2013Liver glycerol permeability and aquaporin-9 are dysregulated in a murine model of non-alcoholic fatty liver diseaseArticuloGena, P. (Patrizia); Mastrodonato, M. (Maria); Portincasa, P. (Piero), et al
2014Mechanisms linking excess adiposity and carcinogenesis promotionArticuloPerez-Hernandez, A.I. (Ana I.); Catalan, V. (Victoria); Gomez-Ambrosi, J. (Javier), et al
2012Leptin reduces the expression and increases the phosphorylation of the negative regulators of GLUT4 traffic TBC1D1 and TBC1D4 in muscle of ob/ob miceArticuloSainz, N. (Neira); Rodriguez, A. (Amaia); Catalan, V. (Victoria), et al
2000Childhood obesity: time for action, not complacencyArticuloFrühbeck, G. (Gema)
2010Surfactant protein D, a marker of lung innate immunity, is positively associated with insulin sensitivityArticuloFernandez-Real, J.M. (José Manuel); Valdes, S. (Sergio); Manco, M. (Melania), et al
2010Inflammatory role of Toll-like receptors in human and murine adipose tissueArticuloPoulain-Godefroy, O. (Odile); Bacquer, O. (Olivier) Le; Plancq, P. (Pauline), et al
2012Management of subclinical hyperthyroidismArticuloSantos-Palacios, S. (Silvia); Pascual-Corrales, E. (Eider); Galofre, J.C. (Juan Carlos)
2014Osteopontin deletion prevents the development of obesity and hepatic steatosis via impaired adipose tissue matrix remodeling and reduced inflammation and fibrosis in adipose tissue and liver in miceArticuloLancha, A. (Andoni); Rodriguez, A. (Amaia); Catalan, V. (Victoria), et al
1996Cholinergic modulation of spontaneous hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal activity and its circadian variation in manArticuloLlorente, I. (Ignacio); Lizcano, F. (Fernando); Alvarez, R. (Rosa), et al
2007Marcadores de función tiroidea (I). Evaluación de la actividad glandularArticuloGalofre, J.C. (Juan Carlos); Santos, S. (S.); Salvador, J. (Javier)
2007Manejo del hipertiroidismo subclínicoArticuloGalofre, J.C. (Juan Carlos)
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 66