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2019Flow cytometry for fast screening and automated risk assessment in systemic light-chain amyloidosisArticuloPuig, N. (Noemí); Paiva, B. (Bruno); Lasa, M. (Marta), et al
2018Single cell dissection of plasma cell heterogeneity in symptomatic and asymptomatic myelomaArticuloAmit, I. (Ido); Tanay, A. (Amos); Barbash, G.I. (Gabriel I.), et al
2019Predicting long-term disease control in transplant-ineligible patients with multiple myeloma: impact of an MGUS-like signatureArticuloRodriguez-Otero, P. (Paula); Mateos, M.V. (María Victoria); Martínez-López, J. (Joaquín), et al
2018Next generation flow for minimally-invasive blood characterization of MGUS and multiple myeloma at diagnosis based on circulating tumor plasma cells (CTPC)ArticuloSanoja-Flores, L. (L.); Flores-Montero, J. (Juan); Garcés-Latre, J.J. (Juan José), et al
2012Mutation patterns of 16 genes in primary and secondary acute myeloid leukemia (AML) with normal cytogeneticsArticuloBoultwood, J. (Jacqueline); Wainscoat, J.S. (James S.); Calasanz-Abinzano, M.J. (Maria Jose), et al
2014Hypermethylation of the alternative AWT1 promoter in hematological malignancies is a highly specific marker for acute myeloid leukemias despite high expression levelsArticuloMonk, D. (David); Siebert, R. (Reiner); Court, F. (Franck), et al
2016Catheter-based intramyocardial injection of FGF1 or NRG1-loaded MPs improves cardiac function in a preclinical model of ischemia-reperfusionArticuloGarbayo, E. (Elisa); Gavira, J.J. (Juan José); Garcia-de-Yebenes, M. (Manuel), et al
2015Polymeric electrospun scaffolds: neuregulin encapsulation and biocompatibility studies in a model of myocardial ischemiaArticuloSimon-Yarza, T. (Teresa); Rossi, A. (Ángela); Heffels K.H. (Karl‐Heinz), K.H. (Karl‐Heinz), et al
2015Molecular and cellular basis for immunomodulation with monoclonal antibodiesArticuloMelero, I. (Ignacio)
2014Phenotypic, genomic and functional characterization reveals no differences between CD138++ and CD138low subpopulations in multiple myeloma cell linesArticuloPaino, T. (Teresa); Sarasquete, M.E. (María E.); Paiva, B. (Bruno), et al
2015Deregulation of DNA double-strand break repair in multiple myeloma: implications for genome stabilityArticuloHerrero, A.B. (Ana B.); San-Miguel, J.F. (Jesús F.); Gutierrez, N.C. (N. C.)
2015Heart regeneration after miocardial infarction using synthetic biomaterialsArticuloPascual-Gil, S. (Simón); Garbayo, E. (Elisa); Diaz-Herraez, P. (Paula), et al
2013Functional benefits of PLGA particulates carrying VEGF and CoQ10 in an animal of myocardial ischemiaArticuloSimon-Yarza, T. (Teresa); Tamayo, E. (Esther); Benavides, C. (Carolina), et al
Sep-2013Aberrant DNA methylation profile of chronic and transformed classic Philadelphia-negative myeloproliferative neoplasmsArticuloPerez, C. (Cristina); Pascual, M. (Marien); Martin-Subero, J.I. (Jose Ignacio), et al
Jul-2011Mesenchymal stem cells expanded in vitro with human serum for the treatment of acute and chronic graft-versus-host disease: results of a phase I/II clinical trialArticuloPerez-Simon, J.A. (José Antonio); Lopez-Villar, O. (Olga); Andreu, E.J. (Enrique José), et al
26-Jun-2012Expression of MALT1 oncogene in hematopoietic stem/progenitor cells recapitulates the pathogenesis of human lymphoma in miceArticuloVicente-Dueñas, C. (Carolina); Fontan, L. (Lorena); Gonzalez-Herrero, I. (Inés), et al
26-Jul-2012Vav3 collaborates with p190-BCR-ABL in lymphoid progenitor leukemogenesis, proliferation, and survivalArticuloChang, K.H. (Kyung Hee); Sanchez-Aguilera, A. (Abel); Shen, S. (Shuhong), et al
1-Jul-2006A nonsense polymorphism in the protein Z-dependent protease inhibitor increases the risk for venous thrombosisArticuloCorral, J. (Javier); Gonzalez-Conejero, R. (Rocío); Soria, J.M. (José Manuel), et al
2013Potential role of new anticoagulants for prevention and treatment of venous thromboembolism in cancer patientsArticuloGomez-Outes, A. (Antonio); Suarez-Gea, M.L. (M. Luisa); Lecumberri, R. (Ramón), et al
2009Atherosclerosis: Is it time for a new name?Publicaciones en Revistas; ArticuloBeloqui, O. (Óscar); Diez-Martinez, J. (Javier)
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 143