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El amor como acceso a la persona
Other Titles: Un enfoque scheleriano
Authors: Sánchez-León, A. (Alberto)
Keywords: Amor, persona, Scheler, fenomenología
Issue Date: 27-Oct-2011
ISSN: 0717-4675
Very few philosophers have tried to deal with the question of love like a necessary subject to renew the History of Philosophy. Summing up those efforts, just Saint Augustine and, very shyly, Pascal have really tried. Perhaps Plato peered much, but he did not dare to write what was “The nature of intelligence of Good”. For Plato, that what is sacred is not an object for theoretical knowledge, not an axiom, but rather it has to do with what makes a man good, that is love. What makes man good is virtue, and virtue comes from love. Love, as Plato says, is to generate in beauty because of the desire of immortality of virtue. What generates love is virtue; the power that transforms comes from Love. Hence, in the old Plato we find this idea: The most beauty thing is to make the citizen good, to transform him. A person’s perfection is in virtue and this is the stem of Love. The aim of this paper is to go back to a notion of person from love from a phenomenological perspective.
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