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2015Serum tissue inhibitor of matrix metalloproteinase-1 levels are associated with mortality in patients with malignant middle cerebral artery infarctionArticuloLorente, L. (Leonardo); Martín, M.M. (María del Mar); Ramos, L. (Luis), et al
2013The 372 T/C genetic polymorphism of TIMP-1 is associated with serum levels of TIMP-1 and survival in patients with severe sepsisArticuloLorente, L. (Leonardo); Martin, M. (Mar); Plasencia, F. (Fátima), et al
Apr-2014Association between serum tissue inhibitor of matrix metalloproteinase-1 levels and mortality in patients with severe brain trauma injuryArticuloLorente, L. (Leonardo); Martin, M.M. (María M.); Lopez, P. (Patricia), et al
11-Apr-2014Association of sepsis-related mortality with early increase of TIMP-1/MMP-9 ratioArticuloLorente, L. (Leonardo); Martin, M.M. (María M.); Sole-Violan, J. (Jordi), et al
2009Maintained effectiveness of an electronic alert system to prevent venous thromboembolism among hospitalized patientsArticuloLecumberri, R. (Ramón); Marques, M. (Margarita); Diaz-Navarlaz, M.T. (María Teresa), et al
2008A new favourable effect of cocoa on atherosclerosis?ArticuloParamo, J.A. (José Antonio)
2009Hemorragia, hemostasia y trombosis en cirugíaArticuloParamo, J.A. (José Antonio)
2001Atherosclerosis: Is it time for a new name?ArticuloParamo, J.A. (José Antonio); Beloqui, O. (Óscar); Diez-Martinez, J. (Javier)
2011The hemostatic system as a modulator of atherosclerosisArticuloParamo, J.A. (José Antonio)
1985Inherited haemorrhagic disease with abnormal prothrombin consumptionArticuloRocha, E. (Eduardo); Paramo, J.A. (José Antonio); Cuesta, B. (Braulia), et al
1986Influence of the fast-acting inhibitor of plasminogen activator on in vivo thrombolysis induced by tissue-type plasminogen activator in rabbits. Interference of tissue-derived componentsArticuloColucci, M. (M.); Paramo, J.A. (José Antonio); Stassen, J.M. (J.M.), et al
1986Inhibition of one-chain and two-chain forms of human tissue-type plasminogen activator by the fast-acting inhibitor of plasminogen activator in vitro and in vivoArticuloColucci, M. (M.); Paramo, J.A. (José Antonio); Collen, D. (D.)
2005Trombosis arterial y polimorfismos genéticos: demasiados actores, escenario complejoArticuloParamo, J.A. (José Antonio); Lecumberri, R. (Ramón); Orbe, J. (Josune)
1994Randomized study of aprotinin and DDAVP to reduce postoperative bleeding after cardiopulmonary bypass surgeryArticuloRocha, E. (Eduardo); Hidalgo, F. (Francisco); Llorens, R. (Rafael), et al
1984Activador tisular del plasminógeno. Mecanismo de acción y propiedades trombolíticasArticuloParamo, J.A. (José Antonio); Collen, D. (D.)
1986Enfermedad tromboembólica y modificaciones de la coagulación tras artroplastia total de cadera. Acción de la profilaxis con ácido acetilsalicílico o heparina-dihidroergotaminaArticuloAlfaro, M.J. (M.J.); Paramo, J.A. (José Antonio); Pablos, J. (Julio) de, et al
1982Alteraciones de la fibrinoformación en la cirrosis hepáticaArticuloFernandez, J. (Javier); Narvaiza, M.J. (M.J.); Cuesta, B. (Braulia), et al
1996Development and clinical application of a new ELISA assay to determine plasmin-alpha2-antiplasmin complexes in plasmaArticuloMontes, R. (Ramón); Paramo, J.A. (José Antonio); Angles-Cano, E. (Eduardo), et al
1991Thrombin activation and increased fibrinolysis in patients with chronic liver diseaseArticuloParamo, J.A. (José Antonio); Rifon, J. (Jose); Fernandez, J. (Javier), et al
2010Matrix metalloproteinases and their inhibitors as biomarkers of severity in sepsisArticuloLorente, L. (Leonardo); Martin, M.M. (María M.); Sole-Violan, J. (Jordi), et al
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 121