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Disruption and aberrant expression of HMGA2 as a consequence of diverse chromosomal translocations in myeloid malignancies
Autor(es) : Odero, M.D. (Maria Dolores)
Grand, F.H. (F. H.)
Iqbal, S. (S.)
Ross, F. (F.)
Roman, J.P. (José P.)
Vizmanos, J.L. (José Luis)
Andrieux, J. (J.)
Laï, J.L. (J. L.)
Calasanz-Abinzano, M.J. (Maria Jose)
Cross, N.C.P. (Nicholas C.P.)
Palabras clave : HMGA2
Fecha incorporación: 2005
Editorial : Nature Publishing Group
Versión del editor: http://www.nature.com/leu/journal/v19/n2/full/2403605a.html
ISSN: 1476-5551
Cita: Odero MD, Grand FH, Iqbal S, Ross F, Roman JP, Vizmanos JL, et al. Disruption and aberrant expression of HMGA2 as a consequence of diverse chromosomal translocations in myeloid malignancies. Leukemia 2005 Feb;19(2):245-252.
Chromosomal translocations that target HMGA2 at chromosome band 12q14 are seen in a variety of malignancies, notably lipoma, pleomorphic salivary adenoma and uterine leiomyoma. Although some HMGA2 fusion genes have been reported, several lines of evidence suggest that the critical pathogenic event is the expression of truncated HMGA2 isoforms. We report here the involvement of HMGA2 in six patients with myeloid neoplasia, dysplastic features and translocations or an inversion involving chromosome bands 12q13-15 and either 7p12, 8q22, 11q23, 12p11, 14q31 or 20q11. Breaks within or very close to HMGA2 were found in all six cases by molecular cytogenetic analysis, leading to overexpression of this gene as assessed by RT-PCR. Truncated transcripts consisting of HMGA2 exons 1-2 or exons 1-3 spliced to intron-derived sequences were identified in two patients, but were not seen in controls. These findings suggest that abnormalities of HMGA2 play an important and previously unsuspected role in myelodysplasia.
Enlace permanente: http://hdl.handle.net/10171/19528
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