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A t(11;15) fuses MLL to two different genes, AF15q14 and a novel gene MPFYVE on chromosome 15
Autor(es) : Chinwalla, V. (V.)
Chien, A. (A.)
Odero, M.D. (Maria Dolores)
Neilly, M.B. (Mary Beth)
Zeleznik-Le, N.J. (Nancy J.)
Palabras clave : t(11;15)(q23;q15)
FYVE domain
Fecha incorporación: 2003
Editorial : Nature Publishing Group
Versión del editor: http://www.nature.com/onc/journal/v22/n9/full/1206273a.html
ISSN: 1476-5594
Cita: Chinwalla V, Chien A, Odero M, Neilly MB, Zeleznik-Le NJ, Rowley JD. A t(11;15) fuses MLL to two different genes, AF15q14 and a novel gene MPFYVE on chromosome 15. Oncogene 2003 Mar 6;22(9):1400-1410.
The mixed lineage leukemia gene (MLL, also known as HRX, ALL-1 and Htrx) located at 11q23 is involved in translocations with over 40 different chromosomal bands in a variety of leukemia subtypes. Here we report our analysis of a rare but recurring translocation, t(11;15)(q23;q14). This translocation has been described in a small subset of cases with both acute myeloblastic leukemia and ALL. Recent studies have shown that MLL is fused to AF15q14 in the t(11;15). Here we analyse a sample from another patient with this translocation and confirm the presence of an MLL-AF15q14 fusion. However, we have also identified and cloned another fusion transcript from the same patient sample. In this fusion transcript, MLL is fused to a novel gene, MLL partner containing FYVE domain (MPFYVE). Both MLL-AF15q14 and MLL-MPFYVE are in-frame fusion transcripts with the potential to code for novel fusion proteins. MPFYVE is also located on chromosome 15, approximately 170 kb telomeric to AF15q14. MPFYVE contains a highly conserved motif, the FYVE domain which, in other proteins, has been shown to bind to phosphotidyl-inositol-3 phosphate (PtdIns(3)P). The MLL-MPFYVE fusion may be functionally important in the leukemia process in at least some patients containing this translocation.
Enlace permanente: http://hdl.handle.net/10171/19622
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