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Neuronal nitric oxide synthase immunoreactivity in the respiratory tract of the frog, Rana temporaria
Authors: Bodegas, M.E. (María Elena)
Villaro, A.C. (Ana Cristina)
Montuenga, L.M. (Luis M.)
Moncada, S. (S.)
Riveros-Moreno, V. (V.)
Sesma, M.P. (María Pilar)
Keywords: Neurons/enzymology
Nitric Oxide Synthase/analysis
Respiratory System/enzymology
Issue Date: 1995
Publisher: Springer Verlag
Publisher version:
ISSN: 1567-2387
Citation: Bodegas ME, Villaro AC, Montuenga LM, Moncada S, Riveros-Moreno V, Sesma P. Neuronal nitric oxide synthase immunoreactivity in the respiratory tract of the frog, Rana temporaria. Histochem J 1995 Oct;27(10):812-818.
Physiological and histochemical studies have recently supported the notion that nitric oxide (NO) is the transduction signal responsible for the non-adrenergic, non-cholinergic relaxation of the vasculature as well as the airways of the mammalian lung. We report the presence of immunoreactivity to NO synthase (NOS) in nerve cell bodies and nerve fibres in the neural plexus of the buccal cavity and lungs of the frog, Rana temporaria, using the indirect immunocytochemical technique of avidin-biotin and the NADPH-diaphorase technique. The neural ganglia located next to the muscle layer and within the connective tissue of the buccal cavity were partially immunoreactive for NOS. In the lungs, NOS immunoreactivity occurred in nerve cell bodies, as well as in both myelinated and unmyelinated nerve fibres. Fine nerve fibres immunoreactive to NOS were observed within the muscle fibre bundles and next to the respiratory epithelium. Both the presence of NOS immunoreactivity and the positive histochemical reaction for NADPH-diaphorase in the neural plexus of amphibian respiratory tract suggests a broad evolutionary role for NO as a peripheral neurotransmitter.
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