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A new type of arthropod photoreceptor
Authors: Jordana, R. (Rafael)
Baquero, E. (Enrique)
Montuenga, L.M. (Luis M.)
Keywords: Arthropods morphology
New photoreceptor
New eye
Issue Date: 2000
Publisher: Elsevier
Publisher version:
ISSN: 1873-5495
Citation: Jordana R, Baquero E, Montuenga LM. A new type of arthropod photoreceptor. Arthropod Struct Dev 2000;29(4):289-293.
A new type of photoreceptor for the phylum Arthropoda, found in the class Collembola (Arthropoda, Hexapoda) is reported. This new light-sensitive structure consists of a pair of interocular vesicles present in the genus Vesicephalus Richards, 1964 and is anatomically related to the cluster of ommatidia. The absence of a lens, the presence of a rabdome in the upper part of the vesicle and the reflection and refraction of light by a hemolymph bubble with incidence to the rhabdomeric structure are the main traits of this new photoreceptor.
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