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Nitric oxide activates granule-associated DNase in human monocytes
Authors: Pio, R. (Rubén)
Lopez-Zabalza, M.J. (María Jesús)
Rouzaut, A. (Ana)
Santiago, E. (Esteban)
Lopez-Moratalla, N. (Natalia)
Keywords: Nitric oxide
DNase activity
Human monocytes
Cytotoxic monocytes
Issue Date: 1998
Publisher: Elsevier
Publisher version:
ISSN: 1089-8611
Citation: Pio R, Lopez-Zabalza MJ, Rouzaut A, Santiago E, Lopez-Moratalla N. Nitric oxide activates granule-associated DNase in human monocytes. Nitric Oxide 1998;2(3):165-173.
Activated and differentiated human monocytes with a CD14+CD16+ phenotype were found to contain a DNase activity associated with secretion granules. Activated cells were obtained from patients with autoimmune diseases. Activation and differentiation of monocytes were also achieved after incubation of PBMC from healthy subjects with protein A (SpA) or immunopotentiating peptides. DNase activity corresponded to a 66-kDa protein, similar to that described in granules from T lymphocytes, active preferentially on double-strand DNA. DNA fragmentation activity increased when NO donors were present; the activity was higher in the presence of Ca2+, and at low pH values. The Ca2+-dependent activity was inhibited by Zn2+. NO-dependent activity was additive with that of Ca2+-dependent and it was not inhibited by Zn2+. Dithiothreitol did not modify the effect of NO on DNase activity. Incubation of PBMC in the presence of NMLA, an inhibitor of NO synthases, decreased this DNase activity. Data reported clearly suggest a regulatory role of NO in granule-associated DNase activity
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