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Differential gene expression in the activation and maturation of human monocytes
Authors: Rouzaut, A. (Ana)
Lopez-Moratalla, N. (Natalia)
Miguel, C. (Carlos) de
Keywords: Differential display
Human monocytes
Cathepsin D
Issue Date: 2000
Publisher: Elsevier
Publisher version:
ISSN: 1096-0384
Citation: Rouzaut A, Lopez-Moratalla N, de Miguel C. Differential gene expression in the activation and maturation of human monocytes. Arch Biochem Biophys 2000 Feb 15;374(2):153-160.
Differential-display or RNA fingerprint was applied to identify genes differentially expressed in monocyte maturation induced by an immunomodulating peptide on human peripheral blood mononuclear cells. Two unknown sequences (06c22 and 06c71) and p21 protein (cyclin dependent kinase inhibitor) were repressed, and three genes activated: Cathepsin D, DRP2 (dihydropirimidinase related protein 2), and gp91phox (91-kDa subunit of citochrome b(558)). Phenotype of evolving monocytes was analyzed by flow cytometry and mRNA level of identified genes determined by reverse transcription-PCR. The expression pattern of identified genes seemed to correlate with different monocyte subsets, monocyte-derived cells, and expected functional changes. After peptide addition, immature monocytes were initially activated, increasing the expression of CD25, CD69, and HLA-DR markers. This was accompanied by repression of p21 and the two unknown sequences, along with the simultaneous activation of Cathepsin D and DRP2. Later, the differentiation marker CD16 rose, and gp91phox gene expression activated. Further maturation led certain monocytes to express marker CD23 and gp91phox expression to reach a maximum, while Cathepsin D and DRP2 dropped to preactivation levels. Results reflect part of the evolution of immature monocytes toward macrophages and monocyte-derived dendritic cell precursors.
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