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A theoretical analysis of society and the common good in Aristotelian tradition and modern liberalism ethos
Authors: Njenga, G.N. (George Ngethe)
Directors: Alvira, R. (Rafael)
Keywords: Common Good
Adam Smith
Social Contract
Social Institutions
Issue Date: 2012
Defense Date: 28-Jun-2011
Publisher: Servicio de Publicaciones de la Universidad de Navarra (Publicaciones digitales del GRISO)
ISBN: 84-8081-117-X
Citation: NJENGA, George Ngethe. “A theorical analisis of society and the common good in aristotelian tradition and modern liberalismo ethos”. Alvira Domínguez, Rafael. Tesis doctoral. Universidad de Navarra, 2011
This thesis is an attempt at renegotiating and deliberating on the principles of modern liberalism, capitalism and democracy from the perspective of the Aristotelian common good of society. Those who govern, judge and make laws play a fundamental role in ensuring and preserving the common good of society. The philosophies underlying human societies and institutions at the beginning of the 21st century largely describe themselves as liberalists, republican, democrat, capitalist or socialist. These form the predominant philosophies since the ‘iron curtain’ fell in 1989. However, strife and conflict still underlie the apparent social cohesion in western society. Capitalism distinguishes itself in difference, conflict, and caprice. Social institutions and ideas are relative but jealously guarded. Each powerful rival interest seeks social cooperation without any metaphysical, philosophical, or religious presuppositions. In the fierce competition for markets, technological advancement and complexity in military warfare, there is a constant fear that capitalism may progress towards the tyranny of the mighty. On the strength of Aristotle’s Politics, we renew the call to civic humanism, which questions the predominance of western individualism, capitalism, liberalism and democracy and their predominant philosophies.
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