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Increased cardiovascular risk markers in obesity are associated with body adiposity: role of leptin
Authors: Gomez-Ambrosi, J. (Javier)
Salvador, J. (Javier)
Silva, C. (Camilo)
Pastor, C. (Carlos)
Rotellar, F. (Fernando)
Gil, M.J. (María José)
Cienfuegos, J.A. (Javier A.)
Frühbeck, G. (Gema)
Keywords: Obesity
C-Reactive Protein/metabolism
Cardiovascular Diseases/blood/etiology/metabolism
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: Schattauer
Publisher version:
Citation: Gomez-Ambrosi J, Salvador J, Silva C, Pastor C, Rotellar F, Gil MJ, et al. Increased cardiovascular risk markers in obesity are associated with body adiposity: role of leptin. Thromb Haemost 2006 Jun;95(6):991-996.
Epidemiological studies have shown that obesity is associated with increased blood concentrations of proinflammatory factors and markers of endothelial dysfunction such as fibrinogen, C-reactive protein (CRP), and von Willebrand factor (vWF). We analyzed the association of these markers with percentage of body fat (BF), and the influence of leptin in a cross-sectional study of 1,089 subjects (366 men) aged 44 (34-53) [median (interquartile range)] years, who were classified as obese or nonobese according to BF estimated by whole-body air displacement plethysmography. Obesity was defined as BF >or= 25% in men and >or= 35% in women. Compared with non-obese subjects (mean +/- SD), obese patients had higher concentrations of fibrinogen (312 +/- 78 vs. 342 +/- 81 mg/dl, P < 0.001), CRP (0.41 +/- 0.75 vs. 0.75 +/- 1.04 mg/l, P = 0.014), vWF (107 +/- 29 vs. 123 +/- 55%, P < 0.001), and leptin (10.4 +/- 6.5 vs. 37.5 +/- 26.1 ng/ml, P < 0.0001). A positive correlation was observed between BF and fibrinogen (r = 0.266; P < 0.0001), logCRP (r = 0.409; P < 0.0001), and vWF (r = 206; P < 0.0001). Leptin was correlated with fibrinogen (r = 0.219, P < 0.0001), logCRP (r = 0., P < 0.0001), and vWF (r = 0.124, P = 0.002), but the statistical significance was lost after including BF in adjusted-correlation and multivariate analysis, suggesting that they are not regulated by leptin per se. In conclusion, the obesity-associated increase in the circulating concentrations of fibrinogen, CRP, and vWF is highly associated to BF and apparently not determined by leptin
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