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Phylum, especie e individuo en Xavier Zubiri
Authors: Güell-Pelayo, F. (Francisco)
Keywords: Phylum
Issue Date: 2008
ISSN: 0066-5215
Citation: Güell Pelayo, F.J. (2008). "Phylum, especie e individuo en Xavier Zubiri". Anuario Filosófico, 41 (92), 415-439
This article studies the ontology proposed by Xavier Zubiri in his work Sobre la esencia [On Essence], in order to discover how he treats the problem of the quidditative essence. After certain prior considerations, the article examines the traditional conception of specific essence, gradually disarticulating the essence-speciesindividual relation. With the phylum understood as a constitutive scheme transmitted genetically, and the species as that which constitutes the belonging of an organism to its phylum, the quidditative essence is shown to be a moment of the individual constitutive essence.
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REV - AF - 2008, vol. 41, n. 2

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