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Three-dimensional power Doppler angiography in endometrial cancer: correlation with tumor characteristics
Authors: Galvan, R. (R.)
Merce, L. (L.)
Jurado, M. (Matías)
Minguez, J.A. (J.A.)
Lopez-Garcia, G. (Guillermo)
Alcazar, J.L. (Juan Luis)
Keywords: Endometrial cancer
Histological characteristics
Three-dimensional ultrasound
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell
Publisher version:
ISSN: 0960-7692
Citation: Galvan R, Merce L, Jurado M, Minguez JA, Lopez-Garcia G, Alcazar JL. Three-dimensional power Doppler angiography in endometrial cancer: correlation with tumor characteristics. Ultrasound Obstet Gynecol 2010 Jun;35(6):723-729.
To assess the correlation between intratumoral vascularization using three-dimensional power Doppler angiography (3D-PDA) and several histological tumor characteristics in a series of patients with endometrial carcinoma. METHODS: Ninety-nine women (mean age, 61.7 (range, 31-84) years) diagnosed as having endometrial cancer were assessed by transvaginal 3D-PDA before surgical staging. Endometrial volume (EV) and 3D-PDA vascular indices (vascularization index (VI), flow index (FI) and vascularization flow index (VFI)) were calculated using the Virtual Organ Computer-aided AnaLysis (VOCAL) method. All patients were surgically staged. Individual tumor features such as histological type, tumor grade, myometrial infiltration depth, lymph-vascular space involvement, cervical involvement, lymph node metastases and tumor stage were considered for analysis. Multivariate logistic regression (MLR) analysis was used to determine which 3D-PDA parameters were independently associated with each histological characteristic. RESULTS: MLR analysis showed that only EV and VI were independently associated with myometrial infiltration (EV: odds ratio (OR), 1.119 (95% CI, 1.025-1.221), P = 0.012; VI: OR, 1.127 (95% CI, 1.063-1.195), P = 0.001) and tumor stage (EV: OR, 1.103 (95% CI, 1.012-1.202), P = 0.025; VI: OR, 1.120 (95% CI, 1.057-1.187), P = 0.001), only VI was independently associated with tumor grade (OR, 1.056 (95% CI, 1.023-1.091), P = 0.001) and only EV was independently associated with lymph node metastases (OR, 1.086 (95% CI, 1.017-1.161), P = 0.001). CONCLUSION: 3D-PDA analysis of tumor vascularization in endometrial cancer correlates with some prognostic histological characteristics.
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