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Cirugía laparoscópica hepática y pancreática
Other Titles: Hepatic and pancreatic laparoscopic surgery
Authors: Pardo, F. (Fernando)
Rotellar, F. (Fernando)
Valenti, V. (Víctor)
Pastor, C. (Carlos)
Poveda, I. (Ignacio)
Marti-Cruchaga, P. (Pablo)
Zozaya, G. (Gabriel)
Keywords: Laparoscopy
Minimally invasive
Laparoscopic resection
Issue Date: 2005
Publisher: Gobierno de Navarra. Departamento de Salud
Publisher version:
ISSN: 1137-6627
Citation: Pardo F, Rotellar F, Valenti V, Pastor C, Poveda I, Marti-Cruchaga P, et al. Cirugía laparoscópica hepática y pancreática. An Sist Sanit Navar 2005;28 Suppl 3:51-59.
The development of laparoscopic surgery also includes the more complex procedures of abdominal surgery such as those that affect the liver and the pancreas. From diagnostic laparoscopy, accompanied by laparoscopic echography, to major hepatic or pancreatic resections, the laparoscopic approach has spread and today encompasses practically all of the surgical procedures in hepatopancreatic pathology. Without forgetting that the aim of minimally invasive surgery is not a better aesthetic result but the reduction of postoperative complications, it is undeniable that the laparoscopic approach has brought great benefits for the patient in every type of surgery except, for the time being, in the case of big resections such as left or right hepatectomy or resections of segments VII and VIII. Pancreatic surgery has undergone a great development with laparoscopy, especially in the field of distal pancreatectomy due to cystic and neuroendocrine tumours where the approach of choice is laparoscopic. Laparoscopy similarly plays an important role, together with echolaparoscopy, in staging pancreatic tumours, prior to open surgery or for indicating suitable treatment. In coming years, it is to be hoped that it will continue to undergo an exponential development and, together with the advances in robotics, it will be possible to witness a greater impact of the laparoscopic approach on the field of hepatic and pancreatic surgery.
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DA - CUN - Cirugía general y digestiva - Artículos de revista

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