El sistema ejecutivo y las lesiones frontales en el niño
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Executive system and frontal lobe lesions in childhood
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Cognition Disorders/diagnosis/pathology/physiopathology
Frontal Lobe/pathology/physiopathology
Personality Disorders/diagnosis/pathology/physiopathology
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Sanchez-Carpintero R, Narbona J. El sistema ejecutivo y las lesiones frontales en el niño. Rev Neurol 2004 Jul 16-31;39(2):188-191.
Frontal lobe syndrome in adulthood is characterised by executive function deficits leading to altered behavioural control with difficulties in social interactions and in maintaining stable jobs and interpersonal relationships. Generalisation of this concept to children with early frontal lobe damage is not straightforward. There are complex interactions between the effects of the lesion itself and the effects in other interconnected regions, timing of lesion, how long it was since the lesion occurred to the time of evaluation, and how old the child is at examination. These facts lead to consider that there might be a number of 'frontal syndromes' in childhood rather than a unique one. We report 9 cases of children with early frontal lobe lesions who were followed up for an average of 10 years. CONCLUSION: A variety of different outcomes suggests that prognosis for these patients might be better that previously reported.

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