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Banks’ Net Interest Margin in the 2000s: A Macro-Accounting International Perspective
Authors: López-Espinosa, G. (Germán)
 Moreno, A. (Antonio)
Pérez-de-Gracia, F. (Fernando)
Keywords: Materias Investigacion::Economía y Empresa
Net Interest Margin (NIM)
Accounting Standards
Financial Stability
Issue Date: 2011
This paper re-examines the determinants of Net Interest Margin (NIM) in the banking industries of 15 developed and emerging economies. It presents three main contributions with respect to previous studies: first, we analyze the determinants of NIM in the years leading to the 2008 financial crisis; second, we account for the role of different accounting standards across countries; third, we use multi-way cluster estimation methodologies which control for cross-sectional and time-series dependence in macroeconomic and banking variables. We find that the introduction of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRSs) contributed to lower NIM variations unexplained by standard accounting variables. Interest rate volatility is found to be positively and strongly related to NIM dynamics, whereas inflation risk is often found to be a relevant driver of NIM crosscountry differences.
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