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FDG-PET: a new diagnostic approach in hip prosthesis infection
Authors: Garcia-Barrecheguren, E. (E.)
Rodriguez-Fraile, M. (Macarena)
Toledo, G. (Gemma)
Valenti, J.R. (José Ramón)
Richter, J.A. (José Ángel)
Keywords: Bacteriological Techniques
Bacteriological Techniques
Prosthesis-Related Infections/radionuclide imaging
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: Elsevier
Publisher version:
ISSN: 0212-6982
Citation: García-Barrecheguren E, Rodríguez Fraile M, Toledo Santana G, Valentí Nín JR, Richter Echevarría JA. FDG-PET: a new diagnostic approach in hip prosthetic replacement. Rev Esp Med Nucl. 2007,26(4):208-20.
Infection following hip arthroplasties can present a diagnostic challenge. No test is 100 % sensitive and 100 % specific; this prospective study was undertaken to evaluate the utility of FDG-PET imaging for diagnosing infected joint replacements. 24 hip joint replacements were studied prospectively and we have complete diagnoses with clinical signs and symptoms, laboratory test, radiography, joint aspiration, radionuclide imaging including FDG-PET, and histopathologic examination. 11 of 24 prostheses were infected. The sensitivity and specificity of PET for detecting infection associated with prostheses were 64,3 % and 64,7 % respectively, in our hands. FDG imaging is not useful in patients with suspected prosthetic infection like a screening test
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