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Información de medicamentos a la población desde el Servicio de Farmacia a través de Internet
Other Titles: Drug information from the public service Pharmacy through Internet
Authors: Beorlegui, B. (Blanca)
Ortega-Eslava, A. (A.)
Aquerreta, I. (Irene)
Aldaz, A. (Azucena)
Lacasa, C. (Carlos)
Idoate, A. (Antonio)
Conchillo, A. (Ana)
Giraldez, J. (J.)
Morales-de-Alava, I. (Isabel)
Yuste, J.R. (José Ramón)
Garcia, N. (Nicolás)
Keywords: Information
Issue Date: 2003
Publisher: Elsevier España
Publisher version:
ISSN: 1130-6343
Citation: Beorlegui Martincorena B, Ortega Eslava A, Aquerreta Gonzalez I, Aldaz Pastor A, Lacasa Arregui C, Idoate Garcia A, et al. Drug information made available to the population via Internet from a Pharmacy Department. Farm Hosp 2003 Nov-Dec;27(6):353-359.
Objectives: To describe and discuss the work of a Pharmacy Department for the health-care portal Methods: Using a web portal, a Pharmacy Department develops and updates a vademecum on drugs, and answers enquiries by end-users. Results: On December 31, 2002 more than 750 records on drugs were available, and 3030 enquiries had been answered. Conclusions: With this drug information and online enquiry service, our Pharmacy Department helps meet the demand of health-care information posed by the community and by patients previously seen at Clínica Universitaria. In addition, it allows areas of improvement to be detected in the information to be offered to patients fron a Pharmacy Department, and represents a tertiary source of information for health-care professionals.
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DA - CUN - Farmacología clínica - Artículos de revista

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