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Orientationally correlated colloidal polycrystals without long-range positional order
Authors: Arcos, M.C. (M. Cristina)
Kumar, K. (K.)
González-Viñas, W. (Wenceslao)
Sirera, R. (Rafael)
Poduska, K.M. (K. M.)
Yethiraj, A. (Anand)
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher version:
Citation: C. Arcos & K. Kumar & W. González-Viñas & R. Sirera & K.M. Poduska & A. Yethiraj. [2008] 'Orientationally correlated colloidal polycrystals without long-range positional order' Phys. Rev. E 77 (5), 050402(R)
We probe the local and global structure of spin-coated colloidal crystals via laser diffraction measurements and scanning electron and atomic force microscopies, and find that they are unique three-dimensional orientationally correlated polycrystals, exhibiting short-range positional order but long-range radial orientational correlations, reminiscent of—but distinct from—two-dimensional colloidal hexatic phases. Thickness and symmetries are controllable by solvent choice and spin speed. While the polycrystallinity of these colloidal films limits their applicability to photonics, we demonstrate their feasibility as templates to make crack-free magnetic patterns.
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DA - Ciencias - Física - Artículos de Revista

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