Architectural Fire Protection Learning: the ETSAUN Case
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Fire Safety
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Politecnico di Milano, Italia
39th World Congress on Housing Science Changing Needs, Adaptive Buildings, Smart Cities
Fire protection is a main parameter in the design of buildings, although it is often neglected in the Schools of Architecture because is being considered an “engineering thing”. In Spain, the education system provides a minimum dedication for this matter, but in the case that will be presented in the paper, it has been taken to a higher level. This is because fire protection is provided in three courses as we described in the article. This article will show the teaching itinerary in Architecture Studies Degrees explaining the dynamics of each of the three courses in which students are trained in fire protection, illustrated with real examples of work from the students themselves. We anticipate here that in the first year, students learn the theory, its impact on the Project; in the second year of learning, they relate it to the project at hand; and in the third, this time independently, consolidate learning in a complex project that takes place over two semesters. This teaching experience includes also the description from developing apps for smartphones, to the students practices of fire protection in the Laboratory. Far away from the opportunity of research and specialization that Fire Safety provides for future architects and construction engineers, it must be taken into account that Fire Safety it is not a limitation, Fire Safety becomes more real the architectural project.

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