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2017Sugar-sweetened beverages and weight gain in children and adults: a systematic review from 2013 to 2015 and a comparison with previous studiesArticuloLuger, M. (Maria); Lafontan, M. (Max); Bes-Rastrollo, M. (Maira), et al
2017Mediterranean Diet Adherence and Genetic Background Roles within a Web-Based Nutritional Intervention: The Food4Me StudyArticuloSan-Cristobal, R. (Rodrigo); Navas-Carretero, S. (Santiago); Livingstone, K.M. (Katherine M.), et al
2017Long-Term Coffee Consumption Is Associated with Decreased Incidence of New-Onset Hypertension: A Dose–Response Meta-AnalysisArticuloGrosso, G. (Giuseppe); Micek, A. (Agnieszka); Godos, J. (Justyna), et al
2017Lifestyle Patterns and Weight Status in Spanish Adults: The ANIBES StudyArticuloPerez-Rodrigo, C. (Carmen); Gianzo-Citores, M. (Marta); Gil, A. (Ángel), et al
2017The Effect of a Mediterranean Diet on the Incidence of Cataract SurgeryArticuloGarcía-Layana, A. (Alfredo); Ciufo, G. (Gianfranco); Martinez-Gonzalez, M.A. (Miguel Ángel), et al
2017The Sooner, the Worse? Association between earlier age of sexual initiation and worse adolescent health and well-being outcomesArticuloOsorio, A. (Alfonso); Lopez-del-Burgo, C. (Cristina); Carlos, S. (Silvia), et al
2016Metabolites of glutamate metabolism are associated with incident cardiovascular events in the PREDIMED PREvención con DIeta MEDiterránea (PREDIMED) trialArticuloZheng, Y. (Yan); Hu, F.B. (Frank B.); Ruiz-Canela, M. (Miguel), et al
2016Polymorphism of the transcription factor 7-like 2 gene (TCF7L2) interacts with obesity on type-2 diabetes in the PREDIMED study emphasizing the heterogeneity of genetic variants in type-2 diabetes risk prediction: time for obesity-specific genetic risk scoresArticuloOrdovas, J.M. (José María); Ros, E. (Emilio); Fito, M. (Montserrat), et al
2017Differences in meal patterns and timing with regard to central obesity in the ANIBES (‘Anthropometric data, macronutrients and micronutrients intake, practice of physical activity, socioeconomic data and lifestyles in Spain’) studyArticuloAparicio, A. (Aránzazu); Rodriguez-Rodriguez, E.E. (Elena E.); Aranceta-Bartrina, J. (Javier), et al
2017Intake and dietary food sources of fibre in Spain: differences with regard to the prevalence of excess body weight and abdominal obesity in adults of the ANIBES studyArticuloOrtega, R.M. (Rosa María); Varela-Moreiras, G. (Gregorio); Serra-Majem, L. (Lluis), et al
2017Mediterranean diet based intervention in pregnancy to improve maternal and fetal outcomes: Methodological challenges and lessons learned from the multicentre ESTEEM studyArticuloAl-Wattar, B.H. (Bassel H.); Dodds, J. (Julie); Placzek, A. (Anna), et al
2017Reported dietary intake, disparity between the reported consumption and the level needed for adequacy and food sources of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and vitamin D in the spanish population: findings from the ANIBES studyArticuloOlza, J. (Josune); Aranceta-Bartrina, J. (Javier); Gonzalez-Gross, M. (Marcela), et al
2017Balancing upstream and downstream measures to tackle the obesity epidemic: a position statement from the European Association for the Study of ObesityArticuloRutter, H. (Harry); Bes-Rastrollo, M. (Maira); Henauw, S. (Stefaan) de, et al
2017Primary prevention of gestational diabetes mellitus through nutritional factors: a systematic reviewArticuloBes-Rastrollo, M. (Maira); Lopez-del-Burgo, C. (Cristina); Donazar, M. (Mikel)
2017Extra virgin olive oil consumption reduces the risk of osteoporotic fractures in the PREDIMED trialArticuloGarcia-Gavilan, J.F. (J.F.); Bullo, M. (Mónica); Canudas, S. (S.), et al
2017Smoking and incidence of glaucoma The SUN CohortArticuloMoreno-Montañes, J. (Javier); Fernandez-Montero, A. (Alejandro); Martin-Calvo, N. (Nerea), et al
2016Advances in Integrating Traditional and Omic Biomarkers When Analyzing the Effects of the Mediterranean Diet Intervention in Cardiovascular PreventionArticuloFito, M. (Montserrat); Melander, O. (Olle); Martinez, J.A. (José Alfredo), et al
2017Iron intake and dietary sources in the spanish population: findings from the ANIBES studyArticuloSamaniego-Vaesken, M. L. (María de Lourdes); Partearroyo, T. (Teresa); Olza, J. (Josune), et al
dic-2016Mediterranean diet and telomere length in high cardiovascular risk subjects from the PREDIMED-NAVARRA studyArticuloGarcia-Calzon, S. (Sonia); Martinez-Gonzalez, M.A. (Miguel Ángel); Razquin, C. (Cristina), et al
2015Clustering of Dietary Patterns, Lifestyles, and Overweight among Spanish Children and Adolescents in the ANIBES StudyArticuloPerez-Rodrigo, C. (Carmen); Gil, A. (Ángel); Gonzalez-Gross, M. (Marcela), et al
Ítems de la colección (Ordenados por Fecha de envío en Descendente orden): 1 - 20 de 208