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Flow-rate fluctuations in the outpouring of grains from a two-dimensional silo
Autor(es) : Janda, A. (Álvaro)
Harich, R. (R.)
Zuriguel, I. (Iker)
Maza, D. (Diego)
Cixous, P. (P.)
Garcimartin, A. (Ángel)
Fecha incorporación: 2009
Editorial : The American Physical Society
ISSN: 1539-3755
Cita: USA
We present experimental results obtained with a two-dimensional silo discharging under gravity through an orifice at the flat bottom. High-speed measurements provide enough time resolution to detect every single bead that goes out and this allows the measurement of the flow rate in short-time windows. Two different regimes are clearly distinguished: one for large orifices, which can be described by Gaussian fluctuations, and another for small orifices, in which extreme events appear. The frontier between those two regimes coincides with the outlet size below which jamming events are frequent. Moreover, it is shown that the power spectrum of the flow-rate oscillations is not dominated by any particular frequency.
Enlace permanente: http://hdl.handle.net/10171/3452
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