Growth factor loaded-microparticles as a tool for cardiac repair
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ROCHA FORMIGA, Fabio. “Growth factor loaded-microparticles as a tool for cardiac repair”. Blanco Prieto, M.J. y Pelacho, B. (dir.). Tesis doctoral. Universidad de Navarra, Pamplona, 2011
The clinical trials performed in patients with myocardial infarction and based on the intravascular injection of growth factors have failed, owing, among other reasons, to protein instability after injection. The hypothesis of this research is that a local controlled release of the growth factors by using a polymeric delivery system could protect the growth factors from degradation and stimulate cardiac repair. To test this, the following specific objectives were proposed: 1. Design, development and physico-chemical characterization of PLGA microparticles intended for intramyocardial administration. In vivo compatibility assessment of the developed microparticles with the cardiac tissue. 2. Development of VEGF165 loaded PLGA microparticles, in vitro characterization and assessment of the potential benefit of the VEGF165-microparticles in an acute rat myocardial ischemia– reperfusion model. 3. Development of FGF-1 and NRG-1 into PLGA microparticles, in vitro characterization and evaluation of the therapeutic potential of FGF-1 and/or NRG-1 cytokines delivered from PLGA microparticles in a rat myocardial infarction model.

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