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dc.creatorNassar, A. (Aziza)-
dc.creatorSookhan, N. (Nicole)-
dc.creatorSantisteban, M. (Marta)-
dc.creatorBryant, S.C. (Sandra C.)-
dc.creatorBoughey, J.C. (Judy C.)-
dc.creatorGiorgadze, T. (Tamar)-
dc.creatorDegnim, A. (Amy)-
dc.identifier.citationNassar A, Sookhan N, Santisteban M, Bryant SC, Boughey JC, Giorgadze T, et al. Diagnostic utility of snail in metaplastic breast carcinoma. Diagn Pathol. 2010 Nov 26;5:76es_ES
dc.description.abstractMetaplastic breast carcinoma (MBC) is a rare subtype of breast cancer characterized by coexistence of carcinomatous and sarcomatous components. Snail is a nuclear transcription factor incriminated in the transition of epithelial to mesenchymal differentiation of breast cancer. Aberrant Snail expression results in lost expression of the cell adhesion molecule E-cadherin, an event associated with changes in epithelial architecture and invasive growth. We aimed to identify the utility of Snail, and of traditional immunohistochemical markers, in accurate MBC classification and to evaluate clinicopathologic characteristics and outcome.We retrospectively reviewed 34 MBC cases from January 1997 to September 2007. The control group contained 26 spindle cell lesions. Immunohistochemistry used Snail, p63, epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR), OSCAR, and wide spectrum cytokeratin (WS-KER). Negative was a score less than 1%. We found that Snail and EGFR are sensitive (100%) markers with low specificity (3.8% and 19.2%) for detecting MBC. p63 and WS-KER are specific (100%), with moderate sensitivity (67.6% and 76.5%); OSCAR is sensitive (85.3%) and specific (92.3%). A combination of any 2 of the p63, OSCAR, and WS-KER markers increased sensitivity and specificity. MBCs tended to be high-grade (77%), triple negative (negative for estrogen receptor, progesterone receptor, and HER2) [27/33; 81.8%], and carcinomas with low incidence of axillary lymph node involvement (15%), and decreased disease-free [71% (95%CI: 54%, 94%) at 3 yrs.) and overall survival. A combination of p63, OSCAR and WS-KER are useful in its work-up. On the other hand, Snail is neither a diagnostic nor a prognostic marker for MBC.es_ES
dc.publisherBioMed Centrales_ES
dc.subjectBreast neoplasmses_ES
dc.subjectTranscription factorses_ES
dc.subjectTumor markers, biologicales_ES
dc.subjectSnail family transcription factorses_ES
dc.subjectSensitivity and specificityes_ES
dc.titleDiagnostic utility of snail in metaplastic breast carcinomaes_ES

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