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Condensation-induced jumping water drops
Authors: Narhe, R.D. (Ramchandra D.)
Khandkar, M.D. (M. D.)
Shelke, P.B. (P. B.)
Limaye, A.V. (A.V.)
Beysens, D.A. (Daniel A.)
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: Physical Review E
ISSN: 1063-651X
Water droplets can jump during vapor condensation on solid benzene near its melting point. This phenomenon, which can be viewed as a kind of micro scale steam engine, is studied experimentally and numerically. The latent heat of condensation transferred at the drop three phase contact line melts the substrate during a time proportional to R the drop radius . The wetting conditions change and a spontaneous jump of the drop results in random direction over length 1.5R, a phenomenon that increases the coalescence events and accelerates the growth. Once properly rescaled by the jump length scale, the growth dynamics is, however, similar to that on a solid surface.
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