El bagaje europeo de Antonio Bonet para Argentina: el Manifiesto Austral
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The European Background of Antonio Bonet for Argentina: "El Manifiesto Austral"
José Luis Sert
Le Corbusier
Manifiesto Austral
Grupo Austral
Antonio Bonet Castellana
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Servicio de Publicaciones de la Universidad de Navarra
Tabera-Roldán, A. (2015). El bagaje europeo de Antonio Bonet para Argentina: el Manifiesto Austral. Revista de Arquitectura, 17, pp. 27-32
Cuando en abril de 1938 Antonio Bonet Castellana ( Barcelona, 1913-1989) desembarca con su escaso equipaje en el puerto de Buenos Aires, difícilmente podría imaginarse el buen curso en el que se desarrollarían sus expectativas, al menos inicialmente. Apenas un año después de su llegada, en junio de 1939, firmará junto con los arquitectos porteños Jorge Ferrari Hardoy y Juan Kurchan “ El manifiesto del Grupo Austral: Voluntad y Acción”. Un documento teórico de ocho páginas donde se encuentran los aparentemente cohesionados estatutos de un colectivo de arquitectos cuya misión era liderar en clave moderna, o mejor dicho corbuseriana, las acciones CIAM para Argentina. Si bien esta es la principal teoría que se ha sostenido hasta hoy, desde la revisión pormenorizada de su contenido –especialmente gráfico– se puede defender que el verdadero artífice e ideólogo del Manifiesto Austral fue Bonet. Asimismo, a partir del análisis de sus dos páginas principales se pretende indagar no solo en cuestiones particulares pertenecientes a la propia biografía del arquitecto sino también se propone revisar características implícitas a este género consustancial de la vanguardia de entreguerras.
When in April 1938 Antonio Bonet Castellana ( Barcelona, 1913-1989) landed with his scarce luggage at the port of Buenos Aires, it could hardly have been imagined the successful performance of its expectations, or at least, initially. Just a year after his arrival, in June 1939, he will sign along with the Buenos Aires architects Juan Kurchan and Jorge Ferrari Hardoy " El manifiesto del Grupo Austral: Voluntad y Acción" . The Austral Manifest is a theoretical eight-paged document in which it could be found the apparently cohesive statutes of an enthusiastic association of young Buenos Aires architects, whose mission was to lead in a modern key, or rather corbuserian, CIAM actions for Argentina. Although this is the main theory that has been sustained until today, from the detailed review of their content -mainly graphicit can be defended that the real author of the Austral Manifesto was Bonet. Intentionally leaving aside the written part and knowing that the only draft or the Manifesto is a handwritten one developed by the Catalan architect, it would be advisable to stop and examine the series of photographs which are with the text. Perhaps because of their small size, perhaps because immersing in them would mean finding more questions than answers, or perhaps because some of them are easily identifiable while others harbor many doubts, the truth is that they haven´t been paid enough attention up to now. However, to understand the uniqueness of the Austral proposal we should be doing the opposite process proposed by Bonet: identifying each of these pieces of architecture and history, considering the importance and meaning in their time and wonder why they are of such relevance, besides of clarifying through which mass media they got the pictures from. That is, the graphic detailed deconstruction of the Manifesto. Furthermore, its two main pages will be analyzed to inquire not only in issues which belong to the architect's own biography but also to review implied features in this specific genre of the interwar avant-garde.

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