Health-related quality of life in stroke patients questionnaire, short version (HRQOLISP-40): validation for its use in Colombia
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Measurement instruments
Quality of life
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Guzman Sagobal, Y.R., Pla Vidal, J., Ortuño Sánchez-Pedreño, F, Sánchez Pedraza, R., Gomez Guevara, M.C., Health relater quality of life in stroke patients questionnaire, short versión (HRQOLISP-40): valildation for its use in Colombia, BMC Neurology, 2016 Nov; 16:246
Abstract Background: The health-related quality of life in stroke patients (HRQOLISP-40, short version) survey was developed in Nigeria and constitutes a 40-item, multidimensional, self-administrated questionnaire. We assessed the validity and reliability of the HRQOLISP-40 Spanish version for stroke patients in Colombia. Methods: The analysis included factor analysis, confirmatory factor analysis, Rasch analysis, convergent validity, internal consistency (261 stroke patients), test-retest reliability (73 patients assessed at two different times) and sensitivity to change (46 patients assessed before and after a rehabilitation intervention). Results: We found an 8-domain structure. None of the items had a significant impact on the global alpha value in order to be removed. Lin ’ s concordance correlation coefficient indicated test-retest reliability (Rho IC: 0.76 to 0.95), suggesting an adequate stability of the instrument. Regarding sensitivity to change differences, they were only significant in the psychological and eco-social domains ( p <0.05). When comparing SF-36 with HRQOLISP-40, all the correlation coefficients values were significantly different from zero, except those related to vitality. The highest scores were found in the physical and physical functioning domains, with a value of 0.722. Conclusions: The HRQOLISP-40 scale is valid and reliable for assessing patients ’ quality of life after a stroke. Validating quality of life assessment instruments is necessary in order to improve the effectiveness of rehabilitation programs for Colombian stroke patients.

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