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¿Qué es el conocimiento? La epistemología en los EEUU hoy
Authors: Moros, E. (Enrique)
Umbers, R.J. (Richard J.)
Keywords: Epistemología
Issue Date: 2003
Citation: Anuario Filosófico, 2003 (36), 633 - 671
In this article the chief lines of current American epistemological thought are outlined, as are the criticisms which each of these perspectives has received. A special emphasis is placed on the distinction between internalism and externalism. Mutual criticisms are made between the foundationalists and the coherentists, and the reliabilist standpoint is developed in detail in order to show that Virtue Epistemology is able to capture some of the best intuitions arising from the justification of belief.
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REV - AF - 2003, vol. 36, n. 3

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