Christian inspiration and the identity of the university as an institution
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Christian inspiration
identity of the university
liberal education
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This text is based in a conference pronounced by the author in December 2014, during the colloquium about the Christian inspiration of the universities in the Universidad de Navarra.
Noone, Timothy B.. "Christian inspiration and the identity of the university as an institution" : Documentos Core Curriculum, 2018-03-08
In this presentation, I argue that the history of universities is entirely germane to assessing what their role should be at the outset of the twenty-first century. Challenged as we are on all sides by cataclysmic changes in technology and economic demands that increasingly pressure us to become institutions aimed solely at variable utilitarian ends, we need to remember the ‘philosophical’ aspect of a university, as opposed to a technical education, and emphasize the importance of education in perfecting human intellects in our deliberations about the future of universities.
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