A study of brain drain from the perspective of salvadorans living in Pamplona, Spain
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Brain drain
Return migration
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This dissertation explores how 7 Salvadorans make the decision whether or not to go back to El Salvador, once they have had the experience of living in Pamplona, Spain. All of the participants have lived a disruption of their life in El Salvador when moving to Spain. Having experienced a different setting, they reflect on what the new situation offers in terms of quality of life, versus what they find in El Salvador. This interview study explores the factors they consider when making the decision of either becoming a returned migrant, or to be part of the brain drain phenomenon. Discussion is focused on emerging topics that apply specifically to the Salvadoran context, and how it is related to national policy that aims its improvement. The stories and considerations of the participants are important in terms of public policy, as governments of developing countries need to address the socioeconomic and psychological challenges faced by the potential return migrants, so that they become attractive enough to keep the new skilled citizens as part of their working force.

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