Comet assay modifications for its application in food safety
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comet assay
food safety
ochratoxin A
Materias Investigacion::Ciencias de la Salud::Nutrición y dietética
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ENCISO-GADEA, J. M. "Comet assay modifications for its application in food safety". López de Cerain, A., Azqueta, A. y Vettorazzi, A. Tesis doctoral. Universidad de Navarra, 2018.
Information on genotoxicity is of a key importance for the toxicological characterisation of different compounds. In this vein, and due to its various advantages, the comet assay is currently included in the genotoxicity testing strategy used in the food safety area. However, improvement points of particular interest have been identified. Thereby, the main objective of the present work was to evaluate some critical points of the comet assay, such as the time of lysis, in vitro, and the methodology used in the freezing/thawing procedures of tissue samples, their stability and the application of the Fpg-modified assay, in vivo. In addition, the in vivo comet assay was applied to frozen kidney samples obtained in a previous repeated-dose toxicity study of the food contaminant ochratoxin A. Finally, the knowledge derived from these objectives resulted in the development of standard operating procedures for both the in vitro and in vivo comet assays, which could be applied in good laboratory practice studies.

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