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dc.creatorMartín-Gómez, C. (César)-
dc.creatorZuazua-Ros, A. (Amaia)-
dc.creatorBermejo-Busto, J. (Javier)-
dc.creatorBaquero-Martin, E. (Enrique)-
dc.creatorMiranda-Ferreiro, R. (Rafael)-
dc.creatorSanz, C. (Cristina)-
dc.identifier.citationMartín-Gómez, C. (César); Zuazua-Ros, A. (Amaia); Bermejo-Busto, J.; et al. "Potential strategies offered by animals to implement inbuildings' energy performance: theory and practice". Frontiers of architectural research. 8 (1), 2019, 17 - 31es
dc.description.abstractThe strategies for thermal regulation and environmental control found in nature are countless. In this article, a parallelism between animals and building energy systems is defined in order to identify and emphasize the immediate opportunities that biomimicry offers for future research. The motivation was the need to find alternative solutions to tackle problems mainly in the efficiency of heating, ventilation and cooling systems. Due to the wide range of possibilities offered by animals, this study is largely limited to the strategies that cold-blooded animals have developed through evolutionary adaptation to the environment. The method used for the analysis is based on a solution-based approach. Firstly, different animal thermoregulation strategies are defined (biological domain). Then the strategy is analyzed and classified into three categories. This classification is essential in order to formulate the parallelism with building systems (transfer phase). The final step is to identify the potential implementation (technological domain). This approach has been seen to be useful in creating new research opportunities based on biomimicry. In addition, suitable solutions arising from multidisciplinary team research are presented as promising answers to the challenges that building energy systems face nowadays.-
dc.description.sponsorshipThis project was funded by the Ministry of Economy and competitiveness of the Spanish Government under the research project BIA2013-49838-EXP.-
dc.subjectBuilding services-
dc.subjectEnergy systems-
dc.subjectPassive design-
dc.titlePotential strategies offered by animals to implement inbuildings' energy performance: theory and practice-
dc.description.noteThis is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons: Atribution Noncomercial No Derivatives License (cc BY NC ND)-

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